Window Replacement in Round Rock TX Doesn’t Need to Be a Real Pain

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How much serious consideration do you really give to your windows? I bet you don’t even give a second thought to investing in new ones. Window replacement in Round Rock TX (or anyplace else for that matter) doesn’t need to be such a real pain.

So, feel confident in your decision to invest in new windows by leaving it to the pros.

Have you recently begun to notice that your windows are starting to look shoddy? Strips of paint peel away from the old wooden frame or tiny crevices peek through the stain. You may have lived with the defect for so long that you barely noticed it those defects.


Lately, things may have taken more of a serious turn—as they will when you neglect these types of repairs. Perhaps your monthly heating bill arrived in the mail, and your total monthly cost had escalated sharply. Or, maybe you were never quite able to get your home heated to a cozy warmth this past winter season.

On top of that, you might be starting to take note of some other issues that are creeping up. Locks, for example, that don’t lock up tightly. Or, you can no longer open up the windows to enjoy the fresh springtime air because the windows are stuck in place firmly.

Because you’re a DIY kind of person, you are sure to want to take a look for yourself to see if you absolutely need to spend that money on those new window units.

As window replacement experts in Round Rock TX, let us assure you—replacing worn out units that have seen better days a decade or so ago is always a smart move.

As you perform that window inspection, keep in mind some sure signs that you’re headed to new windows.

Signs of Moisture/Condensation

Excessive window condensation is an absolute certain sign that your window seals are failing you. In most cases, you’ll notice condensation, moisture on the inside of your windows. This is more common during cooler weather. This moisture will always decrease your home energy efficiency.

Need to cut down your monthly energy bills? Then consider replacement windows that are energy star rated ensure lowered monthly/yearly energy bills and save money.

Drafty Air Around the Windows

Did you or your family complain of drafty, chilly air this past winter? Did they also tell you about the a/c not cooling quite right last summer? Drafts are a sign of air leaks that are causing inefficient use of your heating and cooling systems.

While you can make some short-term repairs with a caulking gun, those fixes typically only hold you over for a short time. Keeping up with repairing the cracks in the caulking is ineffective and takes tons of time.

Rotting Wood Window Frames

Old wooden window frames are prone to decay and rot. If you see signs of rotting wood, you might have a situation that’s fairly dangerous. You see, the wood frame is the structure the holds the panes of glass in place.

Additionally, those decayed spots hold moisture that attracts dirty insects like cockroaches, termites, and carpenter bees. Definitely, you don’t want these pests accessing your home.

Yes, wood has a certain special look that adds charm to your exterior. However, vinyl windows are the preferred medium today as they are maintenance free, come pre-painted in a huge range of colors, and won’t rot.

Inoperable Windows

If opening and/or closing your windows feels like aerobic activity, you have a problem. Your windows are unbalanced. Windows are designed to glide open and closed freely both for ventilation and for escape from your home, if needed. Inability to open your window in an emergency—such a fire—is a life-threatening issue. Don’t leave egress from your home to chance.

You Hear Outside Noise

The same technologies that insulate your windows for warmth and comfort also make them effective sound buffers. Whether you’re in an urban area and hear street traffic or in the country and hear the roosters crowing at sunrise, you need new windows to help you get the quiet that you deserve.

Window Replacement in Round Rock TX Doesn’t Need to Be a Real Pain


The investment in new windows adds both energy efficiency and safety to your home. Don’t leave window replacement in Round Rock TX until it’s too late. Talk to expert installers, and you’ll see just how pane-less window replacement actually is.

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