What Are Different Of Combi Drills Vs. Drill Drivers And Impact Drivers?

Choosing the right power tool can become rather confusing and frustrating especially if you are not familiar with the functions and differences of the power tools. It is important that you are able to differentiate the power tools to determine which one would meet your job site needs efficiently.


The new features and benefits and higher speed and torque ratings should not be the basis of your decision when choosing the right power tool, as you need to factor in the right type of power tool that you need in relation to the purpose or the job that needs to be completed.

Drill Family is divided into three categories; the combi drill, drill driver and impact driver. It is worth to know the difference between these types of drills. This way, it becomes easier for you to determine which tool suits your needs and preferences.

Combi Drills / Combination Drills – What Is Their Different?

Combi drills offer three distinct functions. It can drill holes into metal and wood materials, drive screws, and drill holes into masonry and concrete through its hammer function. Most combi drills offer two-speed options. It has low speeds intended for high torque applications like screw driving and higher speeds for applications like drilling wood or metal. This type of drill comes with a hammer functionality that allows it to add blows to your drilling. This is functionality is ideal for drilling into masonry and concrete materials.

Combi Drill

Are Drill Drivers The Right Tool For Your Needs?

Drill drivers perform fewer functions compared to the combi drills. This power tool performs two functions. This can drill holes into metal and wood and drive screws. Most drill drivers come with two speeds and several torque settings. However, the torque setting on this tool is not as high as the torque settings on impact drivers and combi drills. When you are choosing a drill driver, it is important to determine the capacity of holes the tool will allow you to drill. In addition, you should also consider the top torque setting of the device, as this will affect the type of material that you can effectively drill screws into.

drill and driver

What Are Impact Drivers?

An impact driver is a tool that delivers strong and sudden rotational and downward force. This tool exerts perpendicular pressure or torque. However, it does not exert longitudinal force to drive screws forward. This power tool is fitted with a hex chuck. This comes with a quick release style mechanism that is different from the mechanism on drill drivers and combi drills. This tool is associated with high torque and high levels of impact.

impact driver

Choosing The Right Power Tool

Knowing the difference between these three power tools is important. It is vital that you identify the purpose or the task that you need to do before choosing the right tool. Once you have successfully identified that type of tool that you need, you can now start checking out the different features and models of the power tool of choice.

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