How To Use An Air Impact Wrench Right Way

Air impact wrench is the high power tool. It makes high torque use loosing and tightening nuts and bolt. It mainly used for automotive and significant assembly work. Not like a cordless impact wrench what you can do everywhere you want to do and can operate by the battery, the air impact wrench needs an air supply system to work. But using an air impact wrench is easy, and we write down some easy step to use it, even when you are a beginner.


Things You Need And Prepare Work

You need one an air impact wrench to loosing and tightening works. Including you must have one air supply system. The air supply system is one air compressor what supply air for the impact wrench to work through a soft pipe connecting the air compressor hose to the impact.

air impact wrench

Air Impact Wrench

You must read the product description of air impact wrench about CFM and pressure value is needed. Choose one a compressor has CFM higher than SCFM of impact wrench is better. A bigger tank of the air compressor keeps the impact wrench works continuously better than the small one.

high volume air compressor

For instance, You have one Ingersoll-Rand 231C 1/2-Inch Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench with air consumption is 4.2 CFM @90psi. You need to choose a compressor have from 4.5 CFM and more.

If you used compressor before, you know it has water inside, what including with the air and goes in the air impact wrench when it is working. Keep for the air dry; you need to prepare one water filter and one oil cup set as well. The water filter only allows the dry air pass and keep the water stay in the both, the air after passing the water filter is dry.

air filter set

Air filter set

One other hand when the air pressure is moving the oil cup that brings the oil together to go in the air impact wrench and the impact wrench is lubricated. The oil keeps the air impact work smoothly and durable.

Other you must prepare the hose to connect from air compressor to air impact. The length depends on where you want to use impact from compressor stand. That ‘s it.

Assembly Adaptor And Setting

Assembly Adaptor

Install one a quick connector with the impact wrench and tighten it; the first thing, use the soft tap to coil around of common thread, which avoids the air leaking out. Do this step with the hose of compressor output.

Quick connector

Install two negatives of the quick connector in the two heads of the hose, after that, connect the hose with the compressor.

Setting For Compressor

Check and make sure all thing is ready to use. The first thing, plug in power for the compressor, the air pressure of compressor goes up until tough the high limit pressure setup. Usually, the high pressure is setup default of factory follows feature of compressure. It is about 125-150pPSI max. See the pressure regular and pull up the button and adjust until the pressure at @90 psi and stop. Push down the button.

Air Pressure Gause

Testing Work

Before you use an impact wrench, you need to try run for ensuring that it works normally. Press the trigger of the impact driver and see how impact wrench move. Release the trigger and adjust a speed of impact wrench by changing air pressure flow switch of the impact driver, and push the trigger again. If the rate of impact wrench is changed, that main thing is normal. Also, try changing the rotation direct of the impact wrench.

Air impact wrench testing

Loosening And Tightening

Attach the correct size socket to the impact wrench, adjust the hold on the socket lock off with the detent pin if your impact wrench has detent pin. Turn rotation switch on impact housing for the reverse direction. Place the socket over the nut that you want to loosen. Press the trigger to start the impact wrench.

Before, turning the nut going the bolt by hand. You must adjust switch of direction rotation for tightening, then place the socket over the nut that you want to tight. Press the trigger to start impact wrench to tighten the nut.

Loosening & Tightening lug nuts

General Safety Rules

Working Area

Alway keep your working area clean and briefless. If things in working area are disorderly, you will easy have an accident.

Spark is created when operating tools which may ignite combustibles, so don't operate pneumatic tools in explosive atmospheres that are like as the flammable liquid, gasses, or aluminum dust.

While you run a pneumatic tool, you should keep children, pets, and spectator away. You may lose control because of distractions. Make shield or barriers as needed that protects others in the work area from metal filling and sparks.

Personal Safety

While you are tired or under the influence of drug, alcohol, or medication, don’t use pneumatic tools.

Keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts, because that can be caught in moving parts.

Avoid accidental starting. Be sure the trigger is off before connecting to the air supply. Carrying pneumatic tools with your finger on the trigger, or connecting pneumatic tools to the air supply with the trigger on, invites accidents.

When you plug in a pneumatic tool to the air supply, be sure the trigger is off.

General Troubleshooting




Setting at normal speed or variable speed, but the tool does not run.

Because of the air supply in not enough.

Please check the hose where is blocked or air compressor setting which is needed to set air compressor required.

The air motor is blocked.

Replace air motor blade of your impact

When connected to compressed air, the Automatic tool start.

Speed controller or trigger breaks down

Disassemble the impact wrench and clean the inner of the structure following of guiding manual.

The torque of impact tools reduces.

Maybe has dust get into the motor.

Disassemble and clean the internal of impact.

The housing is heated rise and has abnormal vibrating.

The bearing is damaged and lack of lubrication.

Replace a new bearing and lubricate the oil until it working smoothly.

Let’s us know if you have any question, and what is any your opinion to sharing how an impact wrench work?

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