Rubbish Removal Education: Is the Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

When teaching people about the rubbish removal crises the world currently faces, there are two opposite approaches, or two distinctly different schools of thought, on how to approach this subject.

On one end of the spectrum, we have educators who give devastating stats of gloom and doom. They essentially try to make clear the enormous magnitude of the rubbish removal problems we face. Of course, depending on the teacher, the current global rubbish removal crisis might be compared to a tropical storm that is about to intensify into a Category 1 hurricane or a magnitude 9+++ earthquake causing devastation and destruction like the world has never seen before, at least not since the end of Mesozoic Period when the last of the dinosaurs died out.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have educators that oversimplify and focus completely on "feel good" information without providing any of the grit that people really need to understand. For example, they may talk about the importance of buying goods made from recycled materials so people feel good about what they're doing but fail to explain how to recycle those recycled goods! They may also talk about recycling or composting cotton clothing without mentioning the fact that many cotton clothes contain chemicals that are destructive to the Earth and should never intentionally be introduced into the soil.

Needless to say, you can go overboard either way when discussing rubbish removal topics so you should watch for particular tendency and intentionally correct for this. It's important to try to strike a balance. Try not to fail to actually adequately define the scope of the problem and don't leave out important details either because this would make people feel better. On the other hand, it's important to give people hope and to give them some positive actions they can take, and teach to others too, that will really make a difference.

So, if you are going to educate people about rubbish removal problems, it can be useful to spend some time before hand deciding if you want to take the glass half empty or glass half full approach.... or perhaps aim for a mixture of the two! Most people can only take so much doom and gloom before they get too depressed and their mind basically shuts off for self-preservation. On the other hand, in order for people to be motivated to do something about our rubbish removal problems, they first need to understand better the scope of the problem and some of the important details.

You may also want to reflect back on the reactions you've seen in others when you talk about rubbish removal problems, even informally with friends and family. Were people receptive to your message or did they get automatically defensive? If they were receptive but didn't really seem to understand the full magnitude of the problem, you may want to think about adding a few gloom and doom (but accurate and well sourced) statistics to the conversation. If they were defensive to your message, you may want to moderate your message a bit by providing examples of positive solutions.

Sometimes the best way to become an effective teacher on rubbish removal issues is to associate with people and companies that are more advanced in their knowledge than you are currently. The best teachers, the ones who truly inspire people, the ones who can captivate an audience for hours, tend to be those people who understand they always have a lot left to learn themselves! And... they're ready and willing to learn from anyone, including even their own students.

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Clearabee currently has a very impressive average recycle and reuse rate (including up cycling) of more than ninety percent. Ask them about this when you call to schedule your booking. Ask them how they accomplish this. You may just learn a lot you can incorporate into your on teachings on the subject of rubbish removal.

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