Roofing Tools Needed For Building A Shed

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Tools for building a shed include several items that you can find in the average home toolbox. They’re even inexpensive and can be bought at many roofing supplies stores near you. That being said, here’s a list of roofing tools you should have to get started with a shed construction.


1. Roofing hammer

It’s an essential roofing tool that you should have to perform certain tasks. Also known as a roofing hatchet, this special hammer can help align the shingles at a correct exposure. It has an adjustable gauge that can make your roof installation much easier and more convenient. Some versions of a roofing hammer have magnetic heads that hold nails properly.

2. Framing Square

It’s a measuring tool that should also come in handy when building a shed. With its idea features, it’s ideal for keeping roofing works aligned and straight. If you’re looking for precise shingle cuts, a framing square can be the right roofing tool to use.

3. Hammer tacker

When you’re going to install your shed’s roof, you may need a hammer tacker on your side to do some tasks for you. It’s a hammer-like staple gun perfect for driving staples onto the material. What’s nice with this roofing tool is that it works much faster compared to a standard staple gun when it comes to roof installation.

4. Saws

Of course, building a shed requires you to cut materials for your roof installation. This means you need to invest in a couple saws to accomplish the project quickly. For basic cuts in plywood and other wood materials, buying a circular saw can be the right decision to make. On the other hand, you should have a reciprocating saw if you’re dealing with cutting in tight spaces and rough demolition.

5. Power nailer

This is a vital roofing tool that you should always include in your toolbox. It’s basically a good choice if you want to speed up the installation of your shed’s roof. Common types of power nailer include a cordless nail gun which is powered by rechargeable batteries and a pneumatic nailer which needs an air compressor and long hose before it can be used.

6. Chalk line

It’s also an important roofing tool that you should have in your inventory. It’s a heavy string wound in a container filled with powdered chalk. It’s commonly used for marking long, straight lines required for alignment or cutting purposes.

7. Caulking gun

For the dispensation of caulk from tubes, a high-quality caulking gun is what you need for. Using it will hasten the project, adding more money to your pocket.

8. Tin snips

Your shed’s roof installation will not be complete without the help of tin snips. This roofing tool allows you to cut thin metal materials on the roof like flashing. Available in right and left-hand orientations, they also perfectly work for cutting through drip edges and gutters.

9. Core-cutter

It’s a pre-inspection roofing tool designed to determine the composition of the roof and deck. It’s usually utilized for a 2” hold in or built-up roof.

10. Pop-rivet Gun

If you’re going to attach a sheet metal work, it’s imperative that you use a pop-rivet gun to make the job faster. This roofing tool should be included in your list to ensure that everything goes smoothly when building a shed.

11. Roof hoist

Constructing a shed may require you to raise and lower equipment and materials from the roof deck. Having said it, you should buy a roof hoist to speed the entire process. It’s more convenient if you have a tool in place that can assist you in the roof installation.

12. Scissors

If you’re using a fabric for the work, bring the scissors with you for the purposes of cutting fabrics.

13. Electric or cordless drill and various drill bits and drivers

This roofing tool is useful for drilling holes in concrete and metal to secure blocking. Installation of screws and fasteners is the primary purpose of a drill and assorted drill bits, and drivers.

14. Wheelbarrow

It’s a general roofing tool necessary for carrying aggregate, debris, and other materials across the roof. With the help of a wheelbarrow, building a shed will not be that complicated.

15. General toolkit

This kit includes mallets, screwdrivers, chisels, punches, and a variety of wrenches. Not only that but you should also have a coring tool for the cores and roof samples, utility knives, and other materials that you’ll use to complete the construction.

16. Ladder

You can’t climb up and down the roof without a ladder, which is why this roofing tool remains essential in every roofing project you do. However, it’s crucial that you buy the most stable, durable, and heavy-duty model you can get from several stores. Remember not to take your safety for granted while doing the work.

17. Shoes

To keep yourself and other people safe while building a shed, it’s paramount to soft-soled, steel-toed shoes during work. This roofing tool and equipment provides protection to your feet and prevents your newly-installed roofing system from damage.

18. Hard hats

When working in a shed construction, it’s required to have a head protection. If possible, wear a hard hat to safeguard yourself from any risks of accidents while performing the work. Make sure the hat is of high-quality and strong.

19. Moisture detection tool

It’s intended to measure the moisture content of the roofing materials installed for the shed. It determines the soundness and dryness of a roof surface and its underlying insulation.

20. Paint brushes

You may need a paintbrush for the application of bulk caulk and coating in certain areas.

Final Words

Roofing Tools Needed For Building A Shed

As you can read above, we hope you can use the list of tools in your preparation to build a shed. Don’t forget to take these things seriously as they can affect the overall outcome of the construction. The absence of any of these essential roofing supplies can delay the completion of the project. So, you better get your toolbox now and check whether you have all the tools needed for building a shed.

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