Proper Usage Of Hand Tools Promotes User Safety

Hand tools are considered an extension of our hands. If they are not used properly, there is a tendency that injury will occur, not only to the person using the tool but also to the people around. In addition, incorrect usage of a hand tool can damage the tool resulting in poor performance and failure to deliver the required job. When it comes to hand tool usage, there are guidelines for safe usage that one must take note.


Choosing And Using The Right-Hand Tool

Using the right tool for the job is the first thing that one must need to consider when it comes to safe hand tool usage. Hand tools are designed with a specific purpose in mind. For instance, you will likely find screwdrivers with varying lengths and tips. In addition, you will also find pliers with different shapes. Selecting the right tool for the job will help prevent tool damage and injury to the user.

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Professional grade tools will last long if they are used and maintained properly. Tools are designed to handle specific applications. If you use a screwdriver as a pry bar, it will most likely be bent out of shape after and would be difficult to use to drive a screw. You should make sure that you use tools for their specific purpose.

Make Use Of Insulated Tools When Necessary

Several jobs would require the usage of insulated hand tools. In most cases, these tools are utilized with lockout tag systems. This way, the user will be assured that the unit he is repairing does not have live circuits. However, there are also instances when power cannot be shut down and repair is required immediately. During such cases, insulated hand tools are the best tools to use. It is necessary that you keep some insulated tools handy because you will never know when the situation requires their use.

When purchasing an insulated hand tool, it is essential that you look for the official 1,000-volt rating symbol. Besides, you also need to make sure that the tool meets the ASTM F1505 and IEC 60900 standards. A 1,000-volt rating is marked on an insulated tool that is tested at 10,000 volts. With this rating, the risk for injury is significantly reduced in case the tool becomes exposed to a live source.

When selecting an insulated tool, it is important to take note that tools that come with plastic handles do not necessarily mean that they are insulated. In such cases, the plastic is intended for the comfort of the user. In addition, wrapping the tool with an electric tape does not provide any form of insulation.

You should inspect your insulated tools regularly. You should watch out for any signs of wear or tear on the insulation. It is also important to keep the tools clean, dry and free from any contaminants, as these elements can compromise the insulating properties of the tools. Once insulation has been compromised, it is best to stop using the tools for your safety.

Adhering To Safe Hand Tool Usage And Maintenance Practices

If you use tools safely and properly, you are promoting an efficient as well as safe work environment. When you do not adhere to safe tool usage and maintenance practice, you are endangering yourself as the user and those who are around you. Ultimately, this can also affect the job.

For safe tool usage and maintenance, it is important to keep in mind that you need to wear protective gears like eye shield and gloves when using the tools. There is a tendency that metals like screws will fly when handled. To avoid any form injury, eye shields must be worn.

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Hand tools used for cutting should be kept sharp and well lubricated. Such tools include bolt cutters, pliers, knives and cable cutters. When working with cutting tools, a 90-degree angle must be observed to avoid chipping the sharp edges of the tools. When working with pliers, they should not be rocked when cutting any type of material. Doing so can result to chipping on the sharp edges of the tool.

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Accidents and injuries occur because safe operating procedures are not observed. To avoid such, we must always be up to date with the safety techniques used in the industry today. Moreover, it is important to be mindful of the safe practices in the workplace.

Invest In High Performing And High-Quality Hand Tools

Investing in high-quality hand tools is important as this makes the job safer and easier to perform. For instance, it is necessary to use high advantage pliers when working as they have more cutting and gripping power compared to standard pliers. High performing pliers are best used for repetitive cutting of wire parts.


It is always best to choose side cutting or diagonal cutting pliers if you are using them for heavy-duty cutting. If you are cutting nails or screws, you should only make use of pliers that are recommended for cutting such type of material. There are also some pliers that are designed to perform special functions. For instance, there are pliers that come with features that allow it to be used for pulling fish tapes and crimping connectors.

Handles of hand tools that are made of dual molded materials provide a more comfortable grip on the outside, and a stronger, and more durable grip on the inner surface where it comes in contact with the tool. If you are looking for a well-designed tool, you should consider looking for a contoured thumb area. This allows the user to have a firmer grip on the hand tool. Colored coded handles are also great for easy identification of the tools.

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With safe and proper hand tool usage and maintenance, you will be able to perform any job safely and efficiently. The next time you purchase or use your hand tools, you should always keep in mind the safety standards in using the tools to avoid any injury or accidents.

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