Orbital Pipe Saws Cut Steel Pipe – Is There Another Way

When working on construction projects, you might not always have the tools you need and must be creative. With cutting steel pipes, not all will necessarily work well. The precision needs to be specific.

As a rule, the indication is that an orbital pipe saw is the tool of choice for this particular task. For argument's sake, if there's a deadline on-site and the correct tool is unavailable, is there another way to cut steel pipe?

A pipe cutter clamps down where the pipe is pre-measured and will gradually make the cut as it spins over the metal. It's the most systematic and accurate process.

Still, there are instances where it might be tough to get into hard to reach areas in order to make the cut, and, again, there just might not be an available option to do the job timely. The other choices might not be as neat of a cut, will likely not be as easy, and need to be used precisely for quality and accuracy, but they work.

How Do You Cut Steel Pipe

Ideally, when cutting steel pipe, an orbital pipe saw or a pipe cutter will be the tool of choice to do the job precisely. The technique involves pre-measuring the pipe with the cutter clamping down on that line and slowly spinning over the metal to make a clean, exact cut.

It's the most quality, accurate and methodical process. Find out how to use orbital pipe cutting at https://youtu.be/ZwAW6rQCxpY/

However, there are cases on a construction site or perhaps even in a DIY home project where you might not have the proper equipment. You might even find, if you do have it, that it's not going to work in the hard-to-reach area where the cut needs to be made.

Are there other ways you can make a cut in a steel pipe? While they might not be as simplistic for the process or produce as neat of a result, they do the job. The thing to remember with a power tool before putting it in contact with a pipe, it should be operating.

Otherwise, you'll bounce off the measured line and chomp up much steel. Let's get started looking at each option individually.

Steel Pipe And The Pipe Cutter

Should you consider the pipe cutter as an option for steel pipe cutting? It's actually considered the best option on the construction site for this purpose, actually developed to make a neat, smooth, and exceptionally accurate edge.

There are varied options, but as a whole, these will function quickly over a measured line to cut clean.

After the cut has been made, either a file or sandpaper is used to eliminate possible "burrs" on the end. Safety is a priority since the end will be exceptionally sharp until the piece is finished. Go here for guidance on cutting copper pipes.

Steel Pipe And The Circular Saw

A circular saw is a standard tool on hand for homeowners working with steel pipes. This can be implemented for cutting steel pipe relatively easily, but the blade needs to be adequate for metal cutting.

The pipe will also need to be securely clamped. You don't want to hold it since the pipe will quickly jump out of your hand, being a hazard.

The right blade on a circular saw will allow for an easy and exceptionally clean cut through the steel. The downside is it can work rapidly and easily, making the user a bit overly confident.

It's vital to be safe and have adequate PPE with even the use of a face shield for extra precaution. There will likely be sparks while cutting from the saw. It's wise to have a fire extinguisher close for the likelihood of a fire.

Steel Pipe And The Angle Grinder

It might seem like an angle grinder would make a reasonable consideration for cutting steel pipe. The suggestion is if you find yourself in a hard-to-reach or closed-in area where a cut needs to be made, the angle grinder makes the cut much more accessible.

As with any tool, the proper blade must be installed and worked with care to avoid potential damage to surrounding areas. While the angle grinder cuts steel pipe well, it doesn't boast the ideal choice for cutting an accurate 90-degree.

The angle grinder serves ideally in the demolition capacity or when the pipe cutter is challenged to get into a tight area. These are another tool that you need to watch out for sparks flying and the potential for surrounding material catching fire.

Final Thought

There are many other options you can use to cut a steel pipe. The most accurate, quality, and systematic method is with a pipe cutting tool or orbital pipe saw.

The blade comes out to contact the pre-measured line on the pipe and spins as you put pressure on the blade to gradually slice through the steel cleanly and neatly. The file or sandpaper will clean up the edge, ready for use as you wish.

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