Milwaukee 2653-20 M18 FUEL ¼-Inch Hex Impact Driver Review

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Milwaukee 2653-20 M18 ¼-inch Hex Impact Driver is a machine tool that fastens and loosens screws very quickly and neatly. This is preset with a drive control mode that helps to easily adjust the speed based on the present need. It is spurred by an 18 volt POWERSTATE motor that has no brushes so we can conclude that this machine was produced to run for a longer time, and so, adequate work has been done to make it self-cooling.


M18 FUEL   can work lots of magic especially if you are working in an extremely tight space, its range of screw and bolt drivers have long heads that enable it fit into very deep and very tiny areas; so if you want to loosen and tighten screws and bolts, you have gotten the right tool. But what are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you use the machine? Let’s see some.

Benefits Of Using Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver

One of the benefits that stand out is its ability to deliver very quick results in the best time frame. Its adjustable speed helps you choose between varieties of speeds.

If a very portable and handy tool is something you love, I think you have gotten the tool that fits; you will not feel pains when you work for longer hours with this tool because of its palm and arm friendly handle that acts also as a kind of padding for your palms.

You will not be wrong if you should call this tool “one of the smallest screwdrivers known to us”, but you should also bear in mind that it is also of the most powerful—if not the most powerful screw driving machine tool in market. So irrespective of the strength of the bolt you want to loosen or the stiffness of that screw, you can be rest assured of the best possible satisfaction.

It comes with a battery and charger of its own, so you can always work without even being connected to a power outlet.

It comes with a 5 years warranty, so you can return it if you have any complaints during usage in the 5 years and get a free repair, a change or even money back.

MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL has a handle that is really painless to handle and it isn’t slippery too, so either you are working for a long time, or you are sweating, you can be sure that this machine is the best for you.

It simply takes ingenuity to design this tool to be able to work with a brushless motor, this technic has simply made it possible for this machine to last longer, work more hours and limit breakdown hours. The cordless drive uses a Milwaukee’sRedlinkplus electronic intelligence and proprietary three-mode drive control, and each of these modes is useful for different purposes

Top Features Of Milwaukee 2653-20

If we are to start mentioning its top features, we will end up mentioning all its features, because the makers of this tool have sat down, studied the lapses of other machine tools in this genre, and they have produced just the perfect tool for the craftsman, so all it features can be said to be “TOP”. Can we take a look at some of its many features?

It has a dimensioning of 12.2inches×3.9 inches×7.3 inches.

Its weight is 3.1 pounds.

A top speed of 2,900 RPM with 1600 in-lbs of torque.

An arm friendly weight and a palm friendly handle.

A safety trigger in emergencies.

Different types of drivers for different kinds of jobs.

Heavy duty anti-kickback mechanism with an enhanced torque.

Pros & Cons


  • An amazing weight makes this a very handy tool to use; you can work for longer hours and still have your arm in check.
  • Safety settigs that helps to automatically stop the machine in emergencies.
  • Multiple speed and force setting for each of your needs.
  • Its ability to cool itself is another standout feature.


  • Need to be handled with extra care, it may break easily if it falls.
  • It needs regular maintenance to be able to function at its peak; irregular maintenance may lead to regular faults.


Milwaukee m18 fuel ¼ in. Hex impact driver—tool only model—2653-20, is a machine that all skilled workmen and women of our time really need. An advanced machine with some of the best features, coming with amazing benefits for buyers, we cannot underestimate the need to own this machine in no time.

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