How To Spray Latex Paint: 3 Easy Ways To Do It

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Have you ever sprayed a latex paint? If yes, you might understand the various methods that are used to apply the paint. Though I may not know the technique you used, I am convinced that you incorporated one of the three major methods of applying the paint.

Latex paints are valuable because of their wash-ability, adhesion. These paints can be easily applied to surfaces by the use of a paintbrush or a roller. However, this technique might be very tiresome, and you might want something a bit comfortable and not time-consuming. Therefore, spray painting is a better choice in case speed, surface area and texture is consider to be an issue.


Spray painting is friendly in this sense:

How To Spray Latex Paint: 3 Easy Ways To Do It

Spray painting is faster and more effective than the brush or roller painting. The paintbrush or the roller cannot access corners of the walls as compared to spray painting since every nook and corner is covered.

This kind of spraying provides an even coating. If you have ever tried, paint rollers do not offer any smooth finish at the end when painting. With a spray gun, the paint particles form a very fine mist, hence covering all the surfaces that the spray reaches.

In terms of variety, using a spray gun will be efficient, because these spray devices are in different sizes for use anywhere, either by homeowners, professional painters and constructors. These various spray guns are affordable, for instance the airless paint sprayers.

You should not worry about the next technique that we wish to introduce you to when it comes to spray painting. This is the easiest application method that you should consider, though it is expensive and it needs experts. However, in case you are not an expert. We will give you the expertise through this post so that next time you can do it alone.

Three Main Approaches To Spray A Latex Paint

Preparing Work

Before we focus on the ways in which you can apply latex paint through spraying, it is ever a crucial step of thinning the paint before its application. Many users have never understood the reason for thinning the latex paint. Therefore, we thin the paint because:

Thinned paint will take long to dry up. So never forget to thin the latex paint.

Also, thinned paint will not overlap when spraying and for sure, your painting will be smooth.

When the paint has been thinned, its density decreases and the pressure increases. Therefore when spraying, it will be soft and easy.

Lastly, when the paint is thinned, you will notice that you do not use a lot of paint, but the gallon will serve you effectively. So to avoid wastage of the paint, please just consider thinning the paint.

There are various ways of thinning the latex paint. So make sure you are well conversant with the ways before you consider spraying. However, let’s move one!

Method 1: Use Of A Hand-Held Spray Gun

This type of a spray gun is also called the cup gun. It is the simplest tool you can use though it is only efficient for the small jobs like furniture. These guns will come to you from various brands, but before you consider purchasing any, it is significant if you know how to use them.

how to use hand-held spraying latex paint

Hand-held a gun is much better than using a brush. They are not as smooth as the finish from a can of spray paint, but you will only be able to tell if you rub your hands over the painted surface once it is dry, and you will attest that this is a pretty subtle sprayer for latex paint.

So, how do we use the cup gun? Consider the procedure:

Step 1: Hoping that you have thinned your paint or added the necessary additives, prepare the surface that needs to be sprayed. Use things like a palm sander ( or sandpaper) which you will lightly rough the surface and then clean it after that.

how to spray latex paint step1

polishing with sandpaper


Then Cleaning surface of wood

Step2: Then, consider covering all the things you would not wish the paint to spray. Remember you can spray so well but you have sprayed even the furniture you never intended or thought of spraying.

step 3 : how to spray latex paint

Covering things around the paint area.

Step3: When ready now with the gun and the pain filled, test run it on something like a piece of wood or cartons before you start messing the surface because the paint might still be thick of having dirt.

Step4: Now you are okay to start spraying in case everything is fine up to this step. Do your spraying lightly and in a sweeping motion. I hope you have been practicing the motion spraying before and if not, then you might still have a hard time in spraying at this pace.

Step5: Once done, clean your spray with a soapy water and store it as you wait for the surface to dry up. Perfect job.

Method 2: Use Of Airless Spray Gun

The airless spray gun is one of the best guns you would wish to use when applying your latex paint. It forms the best way of spraying the paint on your surface. Spraying with an airless sprayer needs much knowledge and keenness. Let’s start off!

airless paint gun

Airless paint gun

Step1: Have the surface to be sprayed ready, either a wall or any furniture you would wish to spray.

Step2: Make sure all the edges of the furniture are primed and if it is a wall, be keen on roughing the surface so that it is smooth to accept the paint smoothly. In other words, scrap the surface before you begin painting.

Step3: It is essential that you put on a mask and a protective pair of glasses. The mask will prevent the paint vapor from being inhaled hence avoiding other respiratory complications later on. Your eyes also need to be protected, and that is why you have to put on the glasses.

Step4: Cover anything you do not intend to spray, even the floor.

Step5: Test the spray on either a piece of scrap or a wall until you are sure that the paint is not shooting out. Adjust the pressure also.Go ahead now to spray. Maintain the speed and put the gun 2 inches from the surface as you stand 8 to 12 inches from the surface. Make sure the gun is perpendicular to the wall as you constantly move sideways. Avoid turning the gun to other directions when spraying.

Tips When Using An Airless Spray

Test the spray for a uniform and smooth painting. Testing helps in adjusting the pressure and thinning, though some of the latex paint will not need thinning.

The gun position should be perpendicular to the surface and 2 inches away.

Only work in reach. Do not stretch where you cannot reach, please.

Only trig the gun when the stroke is in motion to avoid unnecessary overlapping.

Method 3: Spraying Using HVLP Sprayer

When you have sprayed using the airless spraying gun, the using HVLP might not be a problem. The reason for using HVLP is that there are some surfaces that you might not need a cup gun or an airless sprayer. For instance, there are surfaces where you would wish to avoid steaks.

hvlp gun

An HVLP sprayer is composed of a paint reservoir, compressor, hose and the spraying gun. In spraying the latex paint using this machine, you have to go through the steps:

Step1: Consider thinning if possible. However, in some situations, HVLP will force you to add solvents instead of thinning with water.

Step2: Once the mixing has been done, fill the HVLP container and then tighten it back. Before forgetting, make sure you sieve the paint as you pour it into the container.

Step3: Test run the paint once you have covered anything you would wish to spray against.

Step4: Once the pressure is good, and the paint is also good, start spraying smoothly, maintaining the motion and the distance between the paint and the surface remaining to be 2 inches as you stand 8 – 12 inches from the surface.

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Problems That Come With Spraying Latex Paint And Interventions.

When using latex paint, various problems might be experienced:

The paint might end up in the areas that were not intended for painting. To avoid this problem, make sure that you cover everything you have not planned to spray.

Irritation of the paint more so when it gets into contact with the skin for long. This is the reason as to why you should put on a mask and pair of glasses anytime you spray, either with an airless sprayer or the HVLP sprayer.

When thinning is not done so well, the paint might either be so thick or extra thin to work. In case it is thick, go on thinning until it is okay with you. There are some paints that you will have to add a solvent which is not water.

Lack to follow the paint’s guidance might as well result to misguidance in spraying.


Having the full knowledge when it comes to spraying the latex paint is essential. In case you are sure to perform the whole process by yourself, then I assure you that you will enjoy it. However, be keen and pay attention to all the precautions before, during or after spraying the paint.

Just to note that as you will be following the spraying guidelines that we have discussed, be protected. Wear a dispensable respirator if possible and cover everything that might be affected by spraying. Are you ready to spray latex paint? If yes, then all the best as you begin this process.

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