How To Make A Bar From Pallets

Pallets have become the new norm in the furniture industry. Their versatility has compelled them to be the most sought after ‘scrap.' Pallets have provided people with an avenue to channel their creativity and create personalized designs. Additionally, pallets have resulted into cheaper alternatives of decorating spaces. It’s in light of this that pallets have been reinvented to create bar spaces.


Consider The Following Steps

Things You Will Need

wooden pallet

Ensure that you have all the necessary materials you need with your pallets being the fundamental block. Equip yourself with drills, jack planes (If you deem it necessary) among other tools;

Impact driver and screws

Jig saw

Sanding paper and sander

Moreover, have a suitable location where you’ll work on the pallets. It’s advisable that you assemble them close to the vicinity in which it will be placed.

For purposes of giving instructions, I will use a simple design (From Canal da Poeira) that has straight wooden lengths as the backbone of the bar. Therefore, you should dismantle the wood from the pallets and clean them. To avoid hurting yourself, use proper tools to do this.

After the step mentioned above, take stringer boards that are stronger than the pallet lengths. Use the boards to make a square frame that you’ll nail into the front part of the bar. To secure the frame use, drive in nails or screws at the joints.

Fill up the frame by whatever design of horizontal lengths you’d desire. In this case, however, we will use alternating horizontal lengths that are either rustic or have a natural wood tone.

Now you can build the sides of the bar. Similarly, you can start making hollow square frames using stringer boards. Fill the side frame using straight lengths of the pallets to have a robust and stable frame. Check the side frame to confirm that you have firmly secured its corners. If you find any loosely bound wood, tighten it.

After securing the side frame is fully secure, you can begin installing the bar’s countertop. It should be sturdy and well edged. You are free to choose the material of the countertop. For instance, if you can work with concrete, you could make a concrete countertop. However, it’s recommended that for those with no experience using wood.

Since this will be the focus for most of the users of you bar area, ensure you do it with precision. For those using wood, make sure that you accurately cut and sand the pallet slats. Use a double layer of the pallet slats to make the countertop.

Follow up the above step, with the making of the bar shelves. Similar to the countertop, use a double layer of your pallet slats. To improve the aesthetics of the bar, use finely gritted wooden lengths. Besides this, you can install glowing lengths of wood on the shelving surface. Ensure that as you use wood that there are no splints which could subsequently hurt your users.

Your ‘structural’ design is now complete. To further improve the visual appearance, you can plan on adding more details to the design. You can use colors of your choice, stain colors and the sealant coats for the final touch on your magnificent DIY bar!

On the pallet slats, sand them again to remove any remaining splinters. Rub the pallet surfaces to have a smooth gliding that’s comfortable for you and your users. Since you’ve already planned on the colors you want to use, apply them with keenness. Ensure that you’ve correctly mixed the paint. Apply the wood sealant coat to top it all off. The wood sealant coat is important as it provides a proofing against agents of weather (if placed outdoors) and any liquid spillage.

The final finishing coat exudes the attractive dark brown shade to the bar’s surface. It adds that shine which will provoke for at least one shot! Moreover, it adds a contemporary feel to your space that oozes elegance.

See full steps from Canal da Poeira;

If you follow this design, you’ll create a rustic yet modern design. It’s only the countertop and the shelves that will be varnished and stained creating that sleek finish while the rest of the design maintains the natural tone of the wood.

Want To Make The Design Even Better?

As mentioned before, this is your own project. Consequently, the final design is hinged on your creative requirement. You have access to a variety of finishing that will suit you. For instance, you can use different stain shades on wood to give them a different tone. I would recommend that you try the following stain shades on your design:

• Minwax black

• Golden Oak

• Red mahogany

• Light walnut

• Dark walnut

Moreover, on your wooden surfaces, you can apply various wood sealants, sealant coats, and final stains depending on the pallet slats that you are using in your design. To ensure that you maintain the integrity of the wood over a long period, you can use the following sealing options:

• Epoxy resins

• Polyurethane treatment

• Wooden oils

Besides the stain shade and the wood sealant, you can add more oomph to your design by installing lights! You can install the lights on the interior side of the bar. By doing this, the bar achieves a modern look that makes it a spectacle to behold especially at night. Moreover, you can install LED lights or mini light bulbs at the edge of the bar table. I know you are already imagining it. It’s that beautiful even better if you finish this DIY project.


Beautiful designs are conceived not only by designers, but you can be one. Explore your creative mind to plan simple yet exquisite bar areas using pallets. You can similarly, ask friends or your spouse to help you as you see to this project. It is an exciting experience. If you experience challenges, I recommend you seek help from a professional such as a carpenter. Have fun as you do this on your own!

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