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Most of the time when we think about a home theater, we would think that it is something only for the rich. Well, for a while there, it was all about being rich to get to experience a home theater. It is now possible for you to build a simple but impressive home theater room.

Building your dream home theater room will depend a lot on the budget that you have in mind. But overall, the whole process of building a home theater should be hard. We get to look at how to build a home theater room below. Follow these simple steps to have an easy time implementing the idea.


Things What You’ll Need

- Home theater system

- Projector

- Insulation material

- Drywall

- Paint sprayer & Paints

- Wires & Electric tools

- Jig Saw for cutting work.

​- Drill And Impact driver and screwdriver set.

- Hammer 

Steps By Step

1. Choosing The Location

The home theater room is not just going to be any room. You have to pick the best room isolated from the house. It is the reason most people would choose the basement, as it would not easily have any interruptions. The other reason would be that you do not want the sound from the sound system disturbing other people in the other rooms.

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However, you still have to keep in mind the size of the room. The best room size would be one measuring 20 feet in length by 13 feet in width. Such a room should be adequate to house everything you need to make the best home theater. It does not have to measure exactly as recommended, but something close to it should be great.

2. Framing And Insulation

This part is quite important for making sure you build the best shell for your home theater. You do not just simply use any material for insulation; it should be really good at its insulation properties. You have to keep in mind the special type of insulation that is great for the home theater.

Having materials with a rating of R30 is standard for shielding the external walls, floor, and ceiling. The R11, on the other hand, would be great for the interior walls, as it would keep the movie explosions from rocking the whole house or getting out. It is possible that you might have to add more sound barriers once the wiring is done and the system is tested.

3. Surround Sound Wiring

This should be something that would make the home theater room be its best or worst. The sound system is often something that you should take more time to check out the best models on the market first. The come home theaters at the moment would have a 7.1 surround system. This means that the model would have a subwoofer and 7 channel speakers. The connection is important for these speakers so that you end up experiencing the best sound system.

To make it easy for wiring, you have to label the different wires from one place to another. The center speaker comes below or above the screen, with the others going at the respective positions. With the speakers properly positioned, you should have the best sound ever coming from your new surround system.

Thanks to new technology, you would get that some newer models of home theater systems come with a 9.1 system. This means that you have one subwoofer with 9 channel speakers for the whole system. This time you now get overhead speakers. A great example is that when a helicopter is flying, you can hear the sound from the overhead speakers.

4. The Video Projector Wiring

If you are going to enjoy the best home theater experience, then you need to have a video projector in place. The writing process is not hard, as you have to run a cable from where the project would be mounted to the controller. Make sure to use an HDMI cable, as it is the only one that would deliver the high definition video that most people need.

In addition to the HDMI, you need to have a CAT5 control wire for accessing the protection with the RF remote. It should now be easy to start the movies by simply pointing the remote to the projector.

Make sure that the wiring is done properly to the equipment hub so that you can have an easy time troubleshooting the wiring in the future when there are some issues.

5. Lights Wiring

The home theater experience would not be complete without having the appropriate lighting in place. You need the right lighting just to create the atmosphere of being in the expensive theaters. The lighting would include having the ceiling recessed lighting and on the side walls too. Before the wiring of the lights, you must have come up with a design of where you want the lights to be. With the design done, you can now run the lights from one location to the equipment hub with all the controls.

It is advisable to connect the lights to an RF dimmer so that you can use the same RF remote for your projector to dim and control the lights. The common feature most people use would be the auto dim when the play is pressed on the remote.

For those planning to have the stadium type of seating in the room, then you need to have floor lighting on the steps. This should help people see the steps for easy walking around the room.

6. Installation Of Drywall And Sound Barriers

You should be getting there, but it is time to cover up the bare frames and add some sound barriers. You need to install the drywalls carefully and making the necessary incisions to let the wires through. The installation of drywall is something you can do on your own, but you can always have a professional to help you with the installation too.

It is not just about choosing any type of drywall; it has to deliver soundproofing capabilities too. Take the time to check out some of the common drywalls and their specialty when it comes to blocking the sound. You would get that such drywalls would come with their linings made of sound-dampening materials.

7. Set Up The Sound And Video Systems

With the drywall installed and painted, it is time to hang the speakers, screen, and projector. For our ideal room size, you can get a screen size of about 110 inches. It should be ideal for those who want the big screen experience. When connecting the speakers, make sure that you follow the instructions from the manufacturer and also keeping in mind the position.

The same thing goes for the projector too. With everything connected, proceed to set up the equipment hub. This is where you would be controlling everything for your entertainment.

8. Theater Style Seating Installation

To crown it all, you have to install the seats important for comfort when watching the movies. Make sure to install the authentic theater-style type of seating. Always make sure that the comfort is considered when furnishing the home theater with the seats.


Did you like this tutorial? From now on, you should be in a position to know how to set up the home theater. You should not compromise anymore, as having your own home theater should make it easy to enjoy some great movies with the family. You can always share your comments of what you think about the home theater idea in the comment section below.

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