How Can You Repair Damaged Trash Cans and Bins?

A single hole or a crack in the trash can or bin can mean that bad news is soon to follow on many accounts. We will elaborate more on what those consequences can be next, alongside discussing a few tips on how to repair your damaged trash containers.

Why Bother with a Repair?

You should think about replacing or repairing any damaged trash can that you own and use as soon as possible. Replacing it is always the easier route to take, but it is also the more expensive and environmentally unfriendly move to make right after discovering the leak. Why add more to the ever-mounting plastic problem, or spend extra money on something that can be easily fixed?

Why is it Important to Address a Damaged Trash Can?

Whether you chose to replace or repair it, not attending to a damaged trash can is not an option that you may want to test out for too long! As Waste Away, a trash management company from Licking County points out, a damaged trash can acts as a magnet for pests and wildlife. From ants, cockroaches, and hornets, to rats, raccoons, and even wild bears, they could all be found trying to rummage through your trash if you fail to address a leak, hole, crack, or poorly fitting can lid in time.

Therefore, unless you want your backyard to play host to angry wasps, or hungry bears, you really need to take care of any damaged or dysfunctional trash cans you may have. Besides, the same enticing smell that draws the pests and animals in can be outright intolerable for you and your neighbors!

How to Go about Repairing a Damaged or Dysfunctional Trash Can?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, that’s an advantage of course, but you do not have to be one for repairing trash bins. We have a helpful set of steps anyone can follow to repair the bin without an issue.

  • 1.Make sure that there is nothing solid left inside the bin first, and then use a sponge to wash it thoroughly with a 1-1 vinegar-water mix.
  • 2.Use a garden hose to wash it after you are done and wait until it’s dry.
  • 3.Cut off the frayed plastic sheets, if any
  • 4.Take 40-grit sandpaper and sand the damaged area until it develops a slope inward
  • 5.Use a self-adhesive fiberglass tape to seal the area off now, but do it from the inner side of the trash bin or can
  • 6.After applying some epoxy on top, simply smooth the bump out a bit with a paint roller.

Once the epoxy has dried up, your small trash can be fixing operation is over and you should be able to keep pets and dangerous wildlife away from your trash.

Although there are plenty of other ways to repair trash cans, some of the pointers here should prove to be of particular use to people who are looking for a quick fix and do not want to spend money on a new trash can right away.

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