How An Air Impact Wrench Works

A pneumatic impact wrench or an air impact wrench is a power tool that makes use of air source to remove as well as tighten nuts and bolts at high-speed. This power tool is different from other types of power wrenches as this tool can actually deliver torque in instant jolts and not in a steady force. This power tool makes use of strong twisting motions to free stubborn bolts that have become rather tight due to rust and other elements. With this tool's multiple sharp as well as short torque applications, this can remove even the most stubborn fasteners.


There are different models of this kind of power tool. The models differ in terms of torque and weight. These aspects affect the usability of the tool. With the drive mechanism, this tool has a lot of competitors. Moreover, there are also tools that are cordless and electric powered. Depending on the purpose and type of job that you need to complete, you may need to decide whether or not an air impact wrench is a right tool for you.

Power And Performance Of An Air Impact Wrench

Concerning power, an impact wrench is used by mechanics to remove and unfasten lug nuts as well as other bolted parts of a vehicle. This is an ideal tool for many mechanics as this offers high power output and torque. Moreover, this tool requires less manual tuning on the part of the mechanic. This type of tool is called an impact wrench as this operates through a spinning motor, which delivers a shock of power to the bolt or nut. In return, this shock loosens as well as turns the nut rather quickly, allowing it to be removed.

Learning More About The Tool’s Design

An impact wrench comes with a housing that is shaped like a gun. This is designed with a bit that comes with a nut driver attachment, air hose, and a handle. The air hose delivers the compressed air towards a chamber inside the pneumatic wrench. Once the compressed air comes in contact with the turbine-shaped motor inside the tool, the motor spins. The trigger mechanism in this device allows the air to come in contact with the motor. Thus, power is released. For the other types of impact wrenches like those that makes use of electricity, the motor functions once power is provided.

3 Steps To Operate An Air Impact Wrench

Step 1: Assembly

The first step in operating an air impact wrench involves assembly. You have to take note that this power tool looks like an old fashioned drill. In fact, this comes with a silver metal body as well as a trigger release switch that allows the user to exert just the right level and amount of torque pressure and air. This tool is also attached to a long rubber hose that is connected to the air compressor or air pressure unit. The pressure will only be released when the user applies pressure to the tool’s trigger. When assembling an air impact wrench, you should check the user’s manual and follow the instructions carefully.

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Step 2: Testing The Tool

Once you got all the attachments ready, you can start testing your tool. You can check whether the unit is exerting the correct amount and level of pressure. You have to make sure that the hose line is free from any kinks or twist to ensure the delivery of the right amount of pressure.

You should test the direction that the wrench is set through lightly touching the tool’s trigger. This way, you will be able to see and determine the way where it will turn. You will be able to find a latch or a knob on the side of the tool. This knob or latch allows you to switch and reverse the direction of the socket. If you want to loosen bolts, you have to make sure that the latch faces counter clockwise. On the other hand, if you want to tighten the bolts, you have to make sure that it faces the clockwise direction.

Step 3: Choosing The Right Speed

Some wrenches allow the user the assign the correct speed when working on a project. To do this, you can find a switch or dial on the side of the wrench. You can switch and set the correct speed for the project that you are trying to complete. Once you have the correct speed and torque level, you can attach the right size of the socket to the bit which is located in front of the wrench. Once you have everything set up correctly, you can now start working on your project.

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