Corded Handheld Vacuums Pros and Cons

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Vacuum cleaners do an excellent work in contributing to a tidy home devoid of dirt and debris that in the long run can put your health at risk. Hence, it is without controversy that a good vacuum cleaner is the friend of a person who wants to keep his or her home tidy and appealing. Corded handheld vacuums come in handy in this regard.

Some people however prefer cordless vacuums as a result of their portability and lightweight. The pros and cons of choosing a corded vacuum over a cordless vacuum will be examined in this article.


Corded versus Cordless vacuums

Corded vacuum



Unlike their cordless counterpart, corded vacuums can stand the test of time. They are designed in such a way that once you purchase one, you should not be thinking about getting another one any time soon for your personal use except you are buying it as a gift for someone dear to you. The same cannot be said of their cordless counterparts.

Corded Handheld Vacuums Pros and Cons
Long lasting battery life

One word best describes the battery life of corded vacuums- endurance. Corded vacuums have stronger and longer battery life than the cordless vacuums which are only able to last for a limited period of time. As a result of this, people who live in regions where there is limited power supply would rather prefer going for corded vacuums.

Extensive dust capacity

As much as one cannot deny that cordless vacuums have decent dust capacity, there is no controversy about the fact that the dust capacity of corded vacuums is more. The corded vacuum is designed in such a way that it has the ability to pick up more dust particles than the cordless hoovers.

Lesser level of maintenance

A typical corded vacuum does not require the same level of maintenance required by the cordless vacuums. This implies that you can use corded vacuums for a considerable period of time without bothering about maintenance.

Go to guy for bulky work

Corded vacuums are the most suitable vacuum for cleaning that are tedious and requires covering a large expanse of space. They are simply designed to withstand heavy duty work without fuss. Hence, people who have a whole lot to do prefers corded vacuums.



Unlike the cordless vacuums, corded vacuums are heavier. This does not considerably affect the effectiveness of the machine. However, when it comes to weight, cordless vacuums are preferable. This is a major factor that often make people overlook corded vacuums and rather go for cordless vacuums despite the undoubted ability of corded vacuums when it comes to getting the cleaning job done.

Corded Handheld Vacuums Pros and Cons

Cordless vacuums are very portable and can be easily moved around with considerable ease unlike corded vacuums.

Accessible plug point required

Unlike cordless vacuums, when making use of corded vacuums, you need an accessible plug point to ensure it is charging for continued use.

Suitability for wide range of jobs

As much as it is true that corded vacuums are able to do a very good job of cleaning where required whenever required, they simply cannot be employed at all times and situations. Corded vacuums are best suitable for bulky jobs. However, when it comes to a fast job for a small work, corded vacuums are superior to corded vacuums in this regard.

Without any form of controversy, only a sentimental person will argue against the effectiveness of corded vacuums when it comes to getting the actual cleaning job done. However, corded vacuums are not without their issues which makes people go for the cordless vacuum. Portability and ease of use is a major part of that as highlighted above.


Hence, the decision to go for a corded or cordless vacuum depends on the factors you think are the most important to you. If effectiveness and getting the job done is your priority, corded vacuums are the best of the lot.

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