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How To Bend Wood With Water: What You Need To Know

how to bend wood with water

IntroductionWood is humanity’s oldest and perhaps favorite building material. It has remained as popular in the 21st Century as it ever was ages ago. Bending wood is a tricky proposition in the sense that first, wood easily breaks and second, the concern of retaining the bent shape. Several methods and techniques of bending wood have […]

What Is PVA Glue? Everything You Need To Know

what is pva glue?

IntroductionGlue is among the most commonly used items in several areas such as woodworking, stationery making, plumbing, shoe manufacture or repair and even in the field of automobile assembly and repair. Several types of glue have over the course of time been chanced upon; by natural discovery or artificial means and used for varied purposes. […]

How To Cut Formica Countertops: 8 Steps

how to cut formica countertop

IntroductionInstalling countertops can be described as a reasonably straightforward task. Various materials have been used on countertop lamination but none more extensively than Formica. The main idea when laminating countertops is to enhance durability and the general aesthetics of the surface in question. This article is aimed at establishing the correct method of installing Formica, […]

How To Cut A Square Hole In Wood: 9 Steps

how to cut a square in wood

Some of the activities we engage in using wood material would require you to have square holes; some puzzles on wood, the toys our kids use and even huge construction projects. The basic technique when you want to create square holes in materials made of wood would involve a three step approach; first, you will […]

How To Remove Wax From Wood, The Complete Guide

how to remove wax from wood

Wooden furniture is as impressive to look at as it is to touch. It not only remains very popular but also lasts for a very long time if properly taken care of. Wooden furniture is among some few priceless items that are passed on from generation to generation. Now and then spills and staining will […]

What Is The Best Airless Paint Sprayer You Need To Know Before Buying?

Best airless paint sprayer

DIY paint jobs can be a mix of fun and challenge rolled up into one learning experience. Spray painting is a fun experience when properly done using the appropriate equipment. Before delving into the whole spray painting business, it is important to understand the concept of spray painting, the types of spray painting techniques and […]

How To Spray Lacquer: Specific Steps Not To Forget

Have you ever be confronted with problems of lacquer drying on your woodwork with unwanted clots?Or sometimes the liquid splashes over you and the nearby furniture you never intended to spray? If yes, then you are lucky because here is the remedy for the problems.  Lacquer might prove to be complicated when being sprayed. In some […]

Polyurethane vs. Polycrylic: Which Is The Best For Your Project?

polycrylic vs. polyurethane

You’ll often hear a debate about which chemical finishing product is superior: polyurethane vs. polycrylic. Each finish has its own pros and cons, which are discussed in the upcoming sections below to help you make an informed decision when you have a task to choose between them. There are some major differences in polycrylic and polyurethane. […]

Spraying Polyurethane – How To Spray Polyurethane Without A Mess

spraying polyurethane

If you want to have a long lasting protection for your wood surface and make it look beautiful in a natural way, then covering it with a polyurethane varnish is an excellent choice. Polyurethane is among the most durable and toughest clear coatings. Spraying polyurethane can be one of the messiest jobs to accomplish. However, if […]

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw Review

dewalt dw745 table saw

Dewalt DW 745 is a table saw primarily used by woodworkers who need to saw through timber for making shelves, shelving materials, cabinets and timber for making doors and sidings. It is a powerful table saw that features a 10 inch, 24 tooth blade which spins at 3850 revolutions per minute. This saw has a […]