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Miter Saw Basics – How To Choose And Use A Power Miter Saw

miter saw

Cutting joints using your hand can actually be time-consuming in addition to being rather difficult. Whether you are completing a simple project or a large one that requires a lot of accurate cuts, having a miter saw handy would definitely help you improve the quality of the outcome of your finished project. Moreover, using this […]

Air Impact Wrench Vs. Cordless Impact Wrench

Air impact wrench

Every mechanic knows what a wrench is and how this tool works and helps make their job easier on site. However, for those who are starting in the field, it is worth knowing what a wrench is and having one handy on the job site. A wrench is a rather common tool that is utilized […]

What Are Different Of Combi Drills Vs. Drill Drivers And Impact Drivers?

drill vs. impact driver

Choosing the right power tool can become rather confusing and frustrating especially if you are not familiar with the functions and differences of the power tools. It is important that you are able to differentiate the power tools to determine which one would meet your job site needs efficiently. Continue Reading

6 Methods Removing A Broken Bolt – You Need To Know

revoming broken bolt

Bolts and Screws have the tendency to break. If this does happen, you will more likely have a problem if you do not know how to have it removed. Fortunately, there are actually several ways on how to get a bolt or a screw removed. If upon assessment you have determined that the bolt or […]

Techniques In Tapping Threads Using A Drill

how to tap internal thread using a drill

Regardless of whether you are threading a new material or repairing a damaged thread, there are several factors to consider as well as procedures to follow to ensure that you are able to produce the best job, with the least amount of breakage in your tools. Continue Reading

How To Change Brushes In A Cordless Drill Driver: 5 Easy Steps

how to change brush

Your cordless drill driver will not work efficiently if one or two of its parts are not functioning properly. In such cases, you may want to take a closer look at your power tool to determine which part needs to replace. For a cordless drill driver, brushes are considered the backbone to its motor. In […]

How To Replace Old Dewalt Cordless Drill Battery Cells

Why Should You Replace Power Tool Battery?Batteries for power tools can often be repaired by replacing one or all of its battery cells. Replacing battery cells is a good option if you want to save money, as purchasing a new battery is more expensive than replacing the battery cells. If you intend to replace your […]

Ultimate Guidelines In Repairing A Cordless Impact Driver

how to maintain and repair impact driver

Impact Driver Structures Quick GuideA cordless impact driver comes with varying mechanisms that help it operate and function. This tool is more preferred compared to a cordless drill driver because this is more compact, small and lighter in weight. In addition, they are much more powerful with minimal kickback force. A lot of professionals prefer […]