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Few Tips For Hand And Power Tool Safety

The regular use of hand and power tools can expose you to a number of risks and dangers. In fact, such is evident as there have been more than 400,000 visits to the emergency rooms that can be attributed to the improper and unsafe use of the tools. The majority of these visits are actually triggered by working unsafely and by the misuse of the tools.

Fortunately, you can now gain access to a few tips for hand and power tool safety. With all these provided tips, you can correctly use your hand and power tools while ensuring that you do so with proper safety measures in place. Such is also a huge help in significantly reducing the risk of facing an accident in the workplace.

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The Best Woodworking Clamps For 2017: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Clamps are quintessential tools that you require for any woodworking project you will undertake. I have never come across a woodworker who complained of having a variety of clamps. However, this article will help you to decide on the best woodworking clamps to purchase.

It’s evident that owning one doesn't guarantee honed skill when using them. Therefore, I’ll share some tips on how to make the most out of any clamp you have. To get the clamp that will get your task done, you will have to consider a number of factors such as clamping pressure and the size of the workpiece.

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The Best Stud Finder: A Buyer’s Rule Book

Here is best  of the best stud finder that you should buy.

Precision Sensors Stud Finder Professional Deep Scanning LED Profinder 5000

Do you remember the last time you bought a painting and wanted to surprise your friends and family? Am pretty sure the odds tipped to you don’t recall. It’s alright though but does you remember the time you bought your fist LED TV, but you couldn’t figure out how to mount it on the wall?

Chances are you didn’t have an idea on what a stud finder is. Just before you delve into the niceties of what to consider when buying one, it’s important to know what it is. Simply put, it’s a device that will help you locate the framing studs on your wall. Apart from you, well, it’s mostly used by professional tradespeople and in recent times DIY enthusiasts.

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The Best Torque Wrench: A Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


If you 're busy man, here is the best torque wrench that you need to consider and buy;

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Tightening bolts and nuts is a relatively simple task. What most individuals fail to realize, however, is the fact that bolts and nuts have a threshold beyond which further tightening can and most often compromises the said bolts or nuts’ strength. Other than the obvious problem of the bolt being impossibly hard to remove afterward, several other serious concerns arise when a bolt is over-tightened.

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5 Best Soldering Iron Models; Complete Buying Guide And Reviews


Soldering irons can be utilized for varied needs both professionally or even in the home garage or workshop. This irreplaceable tool is used in joining metal contacts using molten solder in electrical circuit boards. Soldering irons are also useful in plumbing repairs, arts and craft projects, car and engine repair amongst a host of other uses. With so many models to choose from out there, the search for the best soldering iron can be overwhelming no doubt. This article is aimed at reviewing the top five best-selling soldering irons while shedding some light on how these tools work and the different types of soldering stations.

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5 Best Wire Strippers For 2017: Brands And Models You Should Consider

If You're busy, don't need to read the guide! Here is the best tool of 5 best wire strippers available on the market that you should buy.

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The stripping of wires is a common practice in electrical wiring and related fields. As simple as it sounds, the stripping of wires is to some extent a rather delicate affair. The aim is to strip off the electrical insulation while avoiding any damage to the wires underneath. Electrical insulators are used to support and separate current conductors without allowing any current through themselves. Finding the perfect wire stripper is a great addition to any electrician’s toolbox.

There's the obvious temptation of using a kitchen knife or even your teeth; both sound brilliant but how do they compare to professional tools designed to handle the specific task of stripping wires? This article is aimed at highlighting the top five best wire strippers  in a bid to create a buyer’s guide of sorts.

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The Best Framing Hammer Brands For 2017: Complete Buyers’ Guide


A hammer is perhaps the most basic of all carpentry and woodworking tools. This highly underrated and often overlooked Implement has over the years played a central role numerous other tasks outside woodworking and carpentry. Even Thor owns one. What most people fail to appreciate are the incredible varieties and types of hammers available! One’s choice of hammer depends on the materials being used and what the intended purpose or task is.

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The Best Pocket Hole Jig For 2018; Complete Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Woodworking and Carpentry are age-old crafts that have stood the test of time and ultimately evolved into the modern day art/discipline or practice if you may. Wood is among man's oldest building materials. It is no surprise therefore that wood has, in fact, remained as popular in the 21st century.

The tools involved in woodwork and carpentry come in all manner of sizes, shapes, and descriptions. The influence of scientific and technological advances has been influential on tools used in carpentry and woodwork. The pocket hole jig is one such case. This article aims to demystify this tool, explore the advantages and shortcomings of using one, a brief history of the same and what to consider when purchasing the best pocket hole jig.

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The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One

Man invented tools to help ease the burden or strain associated with daily tasks. Power tools have become a must have in most aspects of day to day life. One tool that has, however, remained unchanged and perhaps as important is the screwdriver. Several powered models have sprung up but the truth remains that the hand operated ones are still quite popular. This article is aimed at identifying the best screwdriver set available on the market and what to look out for when buying one.

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The Best Benchtop Planer In 2017: Ultimate Buying Guide And Reviews

Recent advances in mechanics and technology have brought forth the advent of a new age of power tools. Newer models of power tools have woodwork and carpentry continually. Benchtop planers are a class of woodworking tools used to smoothen the surface of the wood. Modern benchtop planers are an advancement over traditional muscle powered planers. This article aims to help you identify the best benchtop planer models available on the market and what to look out for when buying or renting one.

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