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Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools over Concrete Swimming Pools

We know how difficult it can be to find reliable advice on fiberglass swimming pools. That’s why we strive to bring you unbiased information based on fact so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Today we’re going to make a comparison between fiberglass and concrete swimming pools. This is a common comparison because both fiberglass and concrete are popular options among consumers. Below we’re going to give you a list of advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can get a better perspective on both.

Fiberglass Pools

Benefits of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

  • It’s easy to clean and maintain: Fiberglass swimming pools have a gelcoat surface that makes for effortless cleaning and maintenance. Unlike concrete, the fiberglass pool surface doesn’t have large pores so it won’t develop algae or mold over time. You also won’t need a lot of chemicals or chlorine to maintain the pH levels of your fiberglass swimming pool.
  • Offers great value for money: Fiberglass swimming pools have an almost non-existent lifetime cost because they require very little upkeep.
  • Quick installation: Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated which means they’re built and assembled on site at the factory. As a result, fiberglass pool installation can take several days to a few weeks depending on the size. This is a far cry from the amount of time required to install a concrete pool which can take months.
  • Offers different designs: Fiberglass swimming pools may be pre-fabricated but that doesn’t necessarily limit the designs you have to choose from. Most models even come with built-in seating and steps at no extra cost.
  • Has a smooth and non-abrasive surface: Thanks to the gelcoat veneer, fiberglass pools have a very smooth surface. It’s safe for kids to swim in without getting scrapes and bruises and you won’t have to worry about your swimming clothes getting snagged.
  • Beautiful design: Nowadays, fiberglass swimming pools offer some of the most beautiful designs on the market. Some have ceramic tile, gorgeous pool lights, poolside walls, tanning ledges, colored finishes and even elevated spas etc.

Drawbacks of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

  • There’s a limit to the type of shapes that you can design: There’s a limited number of fiberglass pool molds available and this doesn’t allow you to customize your pool completely. So if you’re not happy with the available molds, tough luck.
  • They can never be wider than 16 feet: Fiberglass pools are limited in size and cannot be larger than 16 feet. That’s because they’re shipped on the road and trucks can only carry so much weight.
  • They come with a higher up-front cost: Fiberglass pools demand a higher up-front cost than other models. They usually start at $10, 000 minimum.
  • Repairing them can be difficult: The colored finishes on fiberglass pools are usually unique and once-off creations. This makes it difficult and even impossible to find a matching finish when you need to repair them.

Concrete Pools

Benefits of Installing a Concrete Pool

  • There’s no limit to the size: You can make your concrete pool as big as you want, and there’s no limit to the shape or depth of the pool either.
  • They’re beautiful: You can tailor your concrete pool to match the design of your landscape perfectly and turn your backyard into a real work of art.
  • You can choose any design feature you like: You can customize your concrete pool to the tee and add features like tanning ledges, beach entries and vanishing ledges.

Drawbacks of Installing a Concrete Pool

  • Requires more chemical use when cleaning: Concrete pools have a very porous surface which makes them a breeding ground for algae and mold. The pH levels tend to get off track and alkalinity increases, requiring a constant addition of acid to keep things balanced.
  • They’re very high maintenance: With a concrete pool, it’s essential that you sweep and brush it regularly to prevent algae build-up, which is inevitable due to the porous surface.
  • They take longer to install: Concrete pools usually take about 3 to 6 months to install, during which your backyard will look like a construction site the whole time.
  • They have a higher lifetime cost: Concrete pools need a lot of ongoing renovation over the years. For example, you need to resurface it regularly which can cost $10, 000 to $20, 000 a pop or even higher. Not to mention the expense of regular cleaning to prevent algae build up.

The Verdict

When you consider the pros and cons of fiberglass pools compared to that of concrete pools, it’s no wonder that fiberglass pools are so popular. Most people are drawn by the ease of maintenance and quick installation of fiberglass pools. While you can’t completely customize them, there are plenty of fiberglass pool designs to choose from, some of which you can find on

Metal Storage Systems for Your Garage

Is your garage starting to look like the site of a tornado aftermath? It’s easy to keep piling tools and toys into the garage but one day you’ll walk in to find that the space has become too cramped to find anything.

The good news is; you’re not alone. While the garage seems like the perfect place to dump stuff that won’t fit into your storage room, this ends up being a problem if those items aren’t organized properly.

The best way to maximize garage space is by installing metal storage systems such as the ones supplied by GobalIndustrial.

The great thing about metal storage systems is that they’re durable, reliable and long-lasting. They’ll guarantee that everything has its place and your garage actually looks like someone still lives at your house. Read on to find out how you can customize and make the most out of metal storage systems for your garage.

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Metal storage systems for the garage

Putting up a metal storage system can go a long way to help you de-clutter your garage and make it a neat and tidy space. Plus, they present you with a world of possibility, as you can organize them any way you like with accessories like metal racking and storage baskets.

Slot-wall organization system:

Incorporating slot-wall organization into your metal storage system will make everything more accessible. It also allows you to keep certain items out of reach for kids and pets.


Shelving is a no brainer when it comes to creating storage in your garage however you have to be careful about the material out of which the shelves are made. Metal shelves are the most preferred option by homeowners because they’re durable and can handle heavy loads as well.

Consider adjustable shelves particularly because you can adapt them to your changing needs over time. You may need larger shelves to store items temporarily now, but will require smaller spaces in the future.

Try and incorporate overhead shelves as well to store lightweight items like sleeping bags. Doing so will save you a ton of space as you continue to accumulate things and this is inevitable if you live in the 21st century!


Incorporate metal cabinet systems with short legs that will give the space a 3 dimensional feel and make it easier to clean below them. Also, don’t be shy to go all out with both lower and upper cabinets.

Ideally your lower cabinets should have a depth of 24 inches so that you can customize them and add a workbench later on if you like. For great accessibility, make sure that your upper cabinets measure at least 12 inches or more.


Pegboards are a favorite among most homeowners because they’re simple, easy to install and use. They’re suitable for a number of versatile uses and are available in attractive and durable metal.

You can paint your pegboards for a truly customized look and have them match with your walls. On the other hand, painting them a light color can facilitate greater tool visibility and accessibility. Be sure to incorporate snap-in locks to help keep the pegboards in place.

Storage grids:

Another great way to organize your garage is through metal wall storage grids. These are very versatile and can work with a number of different shelves, baskets, hooks and accessories. You can even attach them on the ceiling of your garage in order to use every inch of space you have and not have to worry about storage again. Most grids can hold quite a lot of weight but we definitely recommend a unit with welded intersections for extra strength.

Garage grids can be utilized to store pretty much anything, from your heavy-duty tools to sports and recreational equipment, as well as your bikes and kids’ toys.

Joists and rafters are a great addition to your grid system, because they allow you to hang heavy items and while helping to extend the lifespan of your metal storage system.

Lastly, metal wire grids are smaller, more functional and allow for greater accessibility to your tools when installed right above your workbench.

Tools To Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy

Doing plumbing works doesn’t seem an easy and simple task. In most cases, challenges such as clogs or leaks may come your way to test your patience and skills. In fact, you may even want them to be remedied quickly. However, a do-it-yourself plumbing project wouldn’t push through without the assistance of some essential tools for these types repairs. With a set of tools at your disposal, you can surely keep your plumbing system healthy under all circumstances. Not only that but these gears can make your life much easier since they don’t require a huge amount of experience to use. Here is the list of tools that you can take advantage for the maintenance of your plumbing structures.

1. Hacksaw

To keep your plumbing system in good working condition, having a hacksaw on hand can help you a lot. It’s an important tool used for accurately making angled cuts for plastic conduits.

  • Regardless of what you’re cutting and how precise your cuts should be, there are several types of hacksaws to choose from. For instance, you may opt for mini hacksaws to cut standing objects with tight spaces.
  •  Another one is the power hacksaw which works through an electric motor. This type of device is ideal for cutting metal, plastic materials and cutting wood of any size.
  • On one hand, purchasing a junior hacksaw is recommended for smaller or thinner materials to cut through. It can also be used for projects which need more detail work.

2. Toilet Auger

When your toilet starts to clog, using a plunger wouldn’t simply work. Instead, you can have your clogged toilet repaired and maintained through a toilet auger or also known as a plumbing snake.

  • With this type of tool, you can easily maneuver it through the toilet drain to eliminate some obstructions. While a toilet clog can be a cause of panic many times, having a toilet auger by your side can help maintain your toilet’s health.
  • On one hand, it’s important to know that this device have instructions to consider which can assist you in using it with ease.

3. Pipe Wrench

Are you having problems with gripping and turning pipes? If you do, heavy-duty pipe wrenches in several sizes can be beneficial for you.

plumbing tools
  • You just need to select the appropriate variation of pipe wrench suitable to your plumbing fixtures. That way, you’ll have your entire plumbing system to work properly.
  • You just need to select the appropriate variation of pipe wrench suitable to your plumbing fixtures. That way, you’ll have your entire plumbing system to work properly.

4. Slip-joint Pliers

Slip-joint pliers are great for several plumbing jobs necessary to keep your fixtures healthy at all times. Apart from its gripping features, this type of device is effective at removing large nuts such as those on the p-traps located under your sink.

  • Most often, the primary advantage of using a slip-joint plier is its pivot which has the capacity to adjust its jaw size. Hence, it enables you to hold objects of varying sizes.
  • Furthermore, these plumbing tools are helpful for a variety of household works including a kitchen faucet repair, a sink drain basket replacement and even hose installation. However, using a split-joint plier has also limitations. Don’t ever employ this tool as a hammer because it may break.
  • Also, never expose it to excessive heat as the heat may damage the tool’s material composition. Not only that but it shouldn’t be operated on anything that has to be held tight because it has the tendency to slip out of place.
  • To put it simply, what matters most is the fact that you should buy a long-lasting quality material. Make sure to choose those with strong teeth so pliers wouldn’t slip, leading you to injury.

5. Telescoping Magnetic Pickup

If you’re having a hard time working with small plumbing tools, then a telescoping magnetic pickup is a great option.

  • This tool is used for retrieving metal items such as bolts, screws, nuts and wrenches. When small items are stuck in a narrow space like the ones in the sink drain basket, telescoping magnetic pickup can be very ideal.
  • It can easily retrieve items such as coins, earrings, rings and keys that may damage your plumbing system if left unremoved.

6. Tubing Bender

When your plumbing fixtures need pipe bending, the use of tubing bender can be very useful. Besides, maintaining your overall plumbing system isn’t just about gripping faucets and other items.

  • You can also keep your fixtures healthy with a tubing bender if you’re doing a plumbing re-route. This device works for metals including bronze, brass, aluminum, steel and even copper piping.
  • On the other hand, it may require more experience in using compared to other plumbing tools since it’s a complex yet an essential foundation of your home.

7. Teflon Tape

To secure connections, having a Teflon tape on hand can help keep your plumbing on track. It’s a type of white tape used to wound on the threads of faucets, valves, pipes and other plumbing fixtures. The purpose of which is to do the connections in a leak-proof and tight manner.

8. Washers

For simple plumbing problems, washers as an important tool are utilized for controlling the intense flow of water through the showerheads and faucets. These are round, flat disks with a hole located at the center. If you have these at your disposal, you’ll be able to handle leaking issues with ease.

Final Words

Dealing with some clogs or leaks may compromise the health of your plumbing system. Hence, there are special tools and equipment widely used by plumbers for plumbing maintenance, replacement and repair projects. With the list of tools presented above, you’ll know how to handle tough plumbing situations yourself. Should you feel the need to familiarize the features and uses of these basic and complex plumbing tools, speaking with professionals like the Plumbers in Long Beach can be an excellent idea.

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