Bosch Model PS41-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 1/4-In. Hex Impact Driver Kit Review

Bosch is one of top electronics company headquartered in Germany. From the year of 1886, this reputed company has been offering a wide range of electronics goods for satisfying customer needs and demands. In the recent times, this company has brought a powerful driller which is known as Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit.


The wide range of features and functions of this drilling kit has made it stand out of the crowd of the ordinary drivers. Although it is a powerful driver with a variable speed of 0-2600 RPM, but it comes with a short-head and a light-weight body. You will become surprised to know the fact that this driver has the capability of packing a punch which can has torque limit of 930 inch pounds. This kind of punch can cover almost 80 percent of all types of impact driving applications.

Benefits You Can Get From Bosch PS41-2A Impact Driver Kit

In this section, we will be discussing the top benefits and advantages which the customers can from this highly functional impact driver.

One of the greatest advantages of this highly versatile impact driver is that this product is being manufactured using the latest German technology. This use of the latest technology has made this drill a high performer that works with the highest speed limit of 2600 RPM.

Bosch PS41-2A


At the same time, the manufacturers have carefully designed this highly diversified driver so that customers feel very comfortable while using this kit. The weight of the whole body is so light that you can easily handle the device while performing your required job. It is also to be noted that this impact driver comes with a short-head in its length for your convenience.

Another great benefit of the Bosch model PS41-2A impact driver is that you will find an LED indicator on the head of this drilling device. This LED light will help you to do the perfect job in the low light situation.

At the same time, this impact driver is a perfect tool for handling the drill jobs in narrow and tight spaces. Actually, the length of the head is only 5.4 inches which have made this drilling machine fit enough to go and drill in the tight areas.

The light-weight body will help you to work with this driver for continuous drilling operations.One of the top most benefits of the Bosch PS41-2A is that it comes with the capability of a power punch of 930 in. - lbs. This high capability has made this driver for the coverage of 80% of the total driving applications.

You will become astonished to know the speed of this driver because the highest speed of this high-performer is 2,600 RPM. But, for the convenience of the users, the speed takes a variable shape so that you do not have to face any kind of unexpected accidents.

At the same time, the Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt comes with its user -friendly feature. Whether you are a new user or not, that does not matter in this case because you can easily operate this impact driver with the help of the user manual you will get with it. You will be feeling relieved to hear that this impact driver is made of the high-quality materials for higher longevity.

Exclusive Features Of Bosch PS41-2A

Now, we will be describing the exclusive features of Bosch PS41-2A drilling machine.


The Bosch model PS41-2A comes with the shortest head in length in its class which is only 5.40 inches.

With a weight of only 2 pounds, this impact driver can provide continuous support to a wide range drilling jobs.

It is designed in such a way so that it can fit in the packet. But, this small sized drilling machine provides around 930 in-lbs of torque speed that can cover around 80% of the standard size impact driver applications. It comes with the top speed of 2,600 RPM in its class.

This impact driver is manufactured using the latest technology with the high-class materials for providing better drilling performance.

There are 3 LED light rings around the head of this drill for creating easy working condition.

Pros & Cons


  • The weight of the Bosch PS41-2A is very light which is only 2 lbs. This light-weight feature of this drill has made it very comfortable to use while performing the drilling jobs.
  • One of the best features of this highly functional impact driver is that it is a cordless driver. This feature gives you the option of using it anywhere you want to.
  • The charging time of the Bosch PS41-2A is only 30 minutes.
  • The built-in LED light can assist you to perform the drill operations in the dark and congested areas very smoothly.


  • It cannot serve the same powerful functions as an 18 volt impact driver can do.
  • There is no belt-clip with this driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Does this driver have the reverse function option?

3. Does the Bosch PS41-2A 12 volt create same noise as the 18 volt does?

4. Can I use this driver for the 3" screws?

5. Can I use this impact driver as a drilling kit?


If you searching for a high performing driver with an easy-to-handle feature, then the Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit can be the best option for you. The overall rating of this impact driver is very good. At the same time, it is a perfect kit for both the driving and drilling operations. If more info about this highly versatile impact driver is needed, you can study more reviews about this driver kit.

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