Upgrading Your Master Bathroom – Consider these Genius Additions

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Have you decided the time has come to tackle your master bathroom? Is it in desperate need of upgrades and modernization, but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and confused as to where to begin? While a fresh coat of paint will certainly go a long way to brighten up space and give it a new look, that’s not exactly an upgrade. So, if you’re looking to take more noticeable steps, here are some of the many ways you can upgrade your master bathroom with genius additions.

A Towel Drying Rack – a Luxurious Addition

If it’s more of a luxurious spa-like atmosphere you’re craving in your master bedroom, then a towel trying rack is an absolute must-have. These ensure that you’ve always got a freshly warmed towel to cozy up in after your shower. While this is enjoyable all year round, it is especially so during those cold winter months.

Radiant In-Floor Heating - Banish Those Cold Feet

Now that your body is wrapped in that warm towel, why not complete the process and install radiant in-floor heating? These come complete with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature to your exact liking. This type of flooring tends to work best under hard cold surfaces such as stone or ceramic tiles.

Showerhead Filtration Systems - Upgrade the Shower Experience

While many people are familiar with water filtration systems typically used in the kitchen, the same practice can be used in the bathroom. By installing a filtration system, you will be protecting yourself from the chlorine and harsh water that you would normally shower in. This can result in less moisture that is lost in your skin, which means you won't have to deal with itchiness and flaking; it enhances the pH balance; and you'll notice a big difference in how soft, healthy, and manageable your hair feels after showering.

This shopping guide takes a look at all the benefits of showerhead filtration systems, what they remove, how they work, the filters used, the typical cost, and what type of showerheads the filtration device can be used with.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors - Create an Open Airy Feel

For those who are looking to create a more open airy feel in the master bathroom, frameless glass shower doors are the way to go. They don't interrupt the flow in the bathroom, create the illusion of extra space, allow for extra light to pass into the shower, and look extremely elegant.

Upgrading Your Master Bathroom – Consider these Genius Additions

For those interested in increasing the value of the home on a room-by-room basis, this is the kind of upgrade that will deliver when it comes to return on investment.

Install a Sound System - Bring Some Soothing Sounds into the Space

Another fabulous addition is a sound system, which can be quite small and slim-lined thanks to the various designs out there today. Simply place your mp3 player into the sound system and then you can choose your own music. If you want to go all out, you can install more than one speaker in the bathroom.

You Can’t Go Wrong with These Additions

No matter which of these upgrades you choose to install, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Some useful tools must-have when You work plumbing in the bathroom.

How to make 3D charger model and rendering by Autodesk Fusion360 software

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