5 Best Wire Strippers For 2017: Brands And Models You Should Consider

If You're busy, don't need to read the guide! Here is the best tool of 5 best wire strippers available on the market that you should buy.

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The stripping of wires is a common practice in electrical wiring and related fields. As simple as it sounds, the stripping of wires is to some extent a rather delicate affair. The aim is to strip off the electrical insulation while avoiding any damage to the wires underneath. Electrical insulators are used to support and separate current conductors without allowing any current through themselves. Finding the perfect wire stripper is a great addition to any electrician’s toolbox.

There's the obvious temptation of using a kitchen knife or even your teeth; both sound brilliant but how do they compare to professional tools designed to handle the specific task of stripping wires? This article is aimed at highlighting the top five best wire strippers  in a bid to create a buyer’s guide of sorts.


The Different Type Of Wire Strippers

A typical wire stripper is a hand-held tool that is used to strip off the electrical insulation from electric wires and cables. This is aimed at exposing the conducting wires beneath. There are several types of wire strippers which are as follows below;

1. Manual Wire Strippers

A manual wire stripper comprises of simple opposing blades resembling scissors or simple wire cutters. The design further incorporates the addition of a central notch piece which allows the removal of the electrical insulation on cables without cutting or damaging the conducting wire. A manual wire stripper operates by rotating the blades around the wires’ insulation while applying a clamping pressure making a round cut on the insulation. In most wires and electrical cables, the insulating material is not bound to the wire- a handy feature that allows for the easy removal of the insulator material.

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2. Laser Wire Strippers

Who does not love lasers? Lasers are intense beams of coherent monochromatic light whose uses vary depending on how powerful a beam is. A standard laser wire stripper uses a laser beam to burn off the insulation off the wire. Laser wire strippers are designed to handle fine gauge wires. They are favored because they do not cause any damage to the conductor.

3. Automatic Wire Strippers

An automatic wire stripper operates by simultaneously gripping the wire on one end while closing its blades and cutting on the opposing end the insulating material around the conductor. The two pieces of the cutting mechanism then spread apart and by so doing push the cut tube of insulating material from the end of the conducting wire. The device is rather simple to use; the individual operating the tool simply places the wire on the jaws in the correct cutting size position. A squeeze of the handles gets the job done.

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Choosing A Wire Stripper: What To Consider

Before settling on a particular make or model of wire stripper, it is important to be aware of the basics; what goes into defining the perfect wire stripper. Consulting equipment dealers is often the smartest move one can make. You need to be aware of what to keep an eye out for to avoid getting disappointed and having to strip wires using your teeth. Take a look below;

1. Flexibility

Adjustable wire strippers allow the user to toggle the grip tension and to adjust the gripping jaws clamping force. Different materials and thicknesses are used to insulate conductors. Adjustable strippers provide the flexibility and versatility to work with a wider range of thicknesses and materials. The tool also needs to be able to accommodate different wire sizes or gauges. It would be pointless to have to buy a new wire stripper every time you encountered a wire of a different gauge.

2. Ergonomics

How effective a particular task gets done is highly dependent on how comfortable the tools used are. The ergonomics of a wire stripper dictate how easy and comfortable the tool will be to operate. This, in turn, translates to a clean, error free wire stripping job.

3. Price Considerations

A set of wire strippers from different manufacturers all perform the same basic function. In this regard, it would be uncalled for having to break the bank to acquire a specific model. In other words, a wire stripper should be reasonably priced.

4. Warranty

Any tool or implement ought to be accompanied by the manufacturer's warranty. This ensures that the buyer gets a free replacement in the event a procured wire stripper malfunctions or isn't working as originally intended.The following segment is a compilation of some of the top selling wire stripper models and brands currently available on the market.

Top 5 Best Wire Strippers That You Should Consider


IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8", 2078300

This Irwin Vise Grip wire stripper has been rated one of the best stripping tools. It is about 8 inches in body length and makes stripping wire of 10 to 24 American wire gauge sizes quite easy. This model features a handy self-adjusting feature. The ProTouch grips on this particular model enhance user comfort and overall ergonomics by a large margin. A swivel knob is also incorporated to allow for the easy arrangement of wire gauges.

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  • Thanks to the ProTouch feature incorporated in this wire stripper’s design, the ergonomics and user comfort are, simply put, astounding.
  • This wire stripper also doubles as a wire cutter, eliminating the need to procure a whole other tool for the same job.
  • This model is accompanied by a lifetime worth of warranty from the manufacturer. This is proof of the superior quality of design and build.
  • The self-adjustment feature on this tool makes its use quite easy even to inexperienced users.
  • The body is built out of tough, durable materials which mean that this tool provides a long service life.


  • The only drawback to this wire stripper is that it is unsuitable for smaller gauge wires and cables.

AODE Wire Stripper Cutter for Round / Flat UTP Cat5 Cat6 Coax Coaxial Cable Stripping Universal Tool

This has got to be the ultimate electric wiring expert’s tool. It features a beautifully elaborate and fully functional design that combines both aspects of wire stripping and cutting in one tool. This model is equipped to handle several types of wires and cables which include coaxial cables, flat cables, telephone cables and round wires as well.

The self-adjustment feature on this model allows the user to strip the insulation of wires without causing any damage to the conducting wires inside. This product resembles a cigar cutter and weighs a measly 68 grams. It is compact and fits well in the user's hands allowing for comfortable use.

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  • This tool is equipped with a coaxial cable stripper, around cable stripper, a handy cutter and a flat cable stripper making it the perfect all-in-one tool.
  • This stripper is a very useful tool for anyone working with 10 - 20 AWG wire. The comfortable handles are designed to be easy on your hands after prolonged use. The handle has both spring loaded action to open automatically and a lock to keep them closed while in storage.
  • Plier nose
  • Cutter jaws
  • Soft handles
  • Spring return
  • This product features a compact lightweight, ergonomic and easy to operate design that doesn’t require any advanced skills or experience.


  • The unconventional handle design feels more like brass knuckles as opposed to a wire stripping and cutting implement.

Klein Tools 11057 Wire Stripper and Cutter for 20-30 AWG Solid Wire and 22-32 AWG Stranded Wire

The Klein Tools 11057 is a superbly built wire stripper that is designed to reach into confined spaces. The wire stripper features double dipped comfort grips, handy wire bendingandlooping holes and a strong, sturdy gripping serrated nose which comes in handy when bending, shaping or pulling wires. The curved plastic coated handles provide excellent user comfort. This model is popular with seasoned and experienced electricians and has been noted to be particularly easy to use even for beginners.

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  • The design on this wire stripping piece incorporates a coil spring which provides a fast self-opening action.
  • The 11057 easily and conveniently loops, strips and cuts20 to 30 American Wire Gauge solid and also 22 to 32 AWG stranded wire.
  • The curved handle enhances user comfort ensuring the quality of work is top notch.
  • This product weighs a mere 6.4 ounces and is accompanied by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • This wire stripper also incorporates a wire cutting ability making it a prime pick for any electrician.


  • The plastic handles are the only drawback on this particular wire stripper. Plastic raises questionable durability concerns. The handles have been noted to break in some cases.

Eclipse Tools CP-301G Pro'sKit Precision Wire Stripper, 30-20 AWG

The Eclipse CP-301 G is a high quality and lightweight stripper that is the perfect tool for anyone embarking on electrical wiring or any other type precision task involving cables and wires. The design is quite functional and simple. This particular wire stripper is a useful tool for any individual working with 30 to 20 American Wire Gauge sizes.

The handles are designed to go easy on the user’s hands even after prolonged usage. This model is simply, the most ergonomic and comfortable of all wire strippers and cutters. The handle incorporates both springs loaded action and a lock to open automatically and keep the handles closed during storage.

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  • The CP-301G features the most comfortable grip that is unequalled in its class.
  • This model is built from high quality carbon steel that is super durable ensuring a long service life of the wire stripper.
  • The handles on this wire stripping piece are attachedto coil spring mechanism which provides a fast self-opening action and a lock that keeps the handles closed during storage.
  • The CP-301G easily loops, strips and cuts 20 to 30 American Wire Gauge solid and also 22 to 32 AWG stranded wire.


  • This model is not best stripper for larger gauge wires but is one of the best stripping tools for small wires.

Capri Tools 20011 Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter

This wire stripper is certainly a game changer as it features a never before seen design that isn’t synonymous with wire cutting or stripping tools. This Capri ToolsStripper is designed for individuals who would rather not bother checking gauge numbers on wires and cables.

This is attributed to a self-adjusting blade where the cutter detects the wire insulator’s diameter when you press the trigger. This way, there's no risk of damage to the conductor beneath. The ergonomics on this model are simply astounding; the design features a gun-handle style.

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  • This Capri Tools 20011 automatic wire stripper features a narrow profile at the tip which allows it to access tight areas.
  • The stripping and cutting blades automatically self-adjust to the different wire and cable gauges ensuring the conducting wire remain unharmed.
  • Comfortable handle grips which make the tool’s use quite enjoy able. The tool grips and strips in a single squeezing action.
  • This model is built to strip wires between 24 to 10 American Wire Gauge sizes and also cuts wires of up to 12 AWG with an inbuilt wire cutter.


  • The plastic finish on this product raises durability concerns.

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The Verdict

AODE Wire Stripper Is The Best Of 5 Best Wire Strippers

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Every single wire stripper on this list is a top grossing piece on the market and is, therefore, a worthwhile pick. However, there can only be one number one wire cutter. The AODE wire stripper and the universal cutter is the best wire stripper. It incorporates a handful of useful design features and versatility in the sense that it is capable of handling most types of wires and cables. The AODE wire stripper and the universal cutter are the best value for your money.


Wire strippers and cutters are a must have  combination in any electrical wiring context. These tools like any other require keen scrutiny before a purchase otherwise you might end up stripping off insulator material using crude methods. Damage to the conducting material is a major point of concern when stripping of the insulating materials. The tools discussed above all meet professional grade standards and are worth your consideration.

I sincerely hope the 5 best wire strippers article was enlightening and fun to read. Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions in the spaces provided below.

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