Best Tools Everyone Should Keep in Their Car

Whenever you rent cars, they usually come loaded with everything you need in there. The rental companies tend to think of everything. Rent luxury cars at, for example, and you’ll find yourself lacking nothing. In our everyday runaround cars, however, we tend to slack on this front.


1. Jumper Cables

Like some other items in this list, jumper cables come firmly under “it’s better to have them and not need them” territory. Whether you end up using them to help yourself or a fellow driver on the road ( when the voltage of your battery car is low down) , they are a great thing to have ready to go in the trunk. When buying, make sure they come with a storage bag!

2. Life hammer

Below we’ve prepared a list of items that every responsible car owner and/or driver should keep in their cars. If any of these are missing from your own vehicle, then it’s not too late to stock up!

This handy tool just might save your life one day if you need to smash a window to escape, or even cut the seatbelt. You can get one and store it on the underside of your seat. It’s best attached there with Velcro or tape. Don’t let your younger kids easily get their hands on it, they could cause havoc on the back seat with that!

3. Knife and Duct Tape

You may never have thought of duct tape or a knife as handy automotive tools, but you’d be surprised. Kept out of sight and the reach of children when you don’t need them, of course, they are a welcome addition. The tape can be used to temporarily seal up leaks and cracks, as well as hold loose components in place while you get your car to a mechanic. You can use the knife to cut the tape.

4. Flashlight

If you have a problem with the car in the dark --- especially during the winter --- and you have to get out to look at the damage or other problem, a flashlight will be indispensable. Sure, you could use your smartphone light, but you’ll be wanting to preserve phone power as much as possible if you’re stuck somewhere on a cold winter’s night.

5. Socket Wrench and Screwdrivers

Over time, just about anything in your car can come loose. You could secure some things with tape, but when it’s something more visible on either the interior or exterior, then you need a more lasting fix. This is where a handy set of socket wrenches and screwdrivers comes in handy. If a screw needs tightening or a bolt putting back in place, then you can do it quickly and effectively without any fuss.

Have these things in your car at all times, and your on-road experience will be a lot safer. Do it even if it’s just for your own peace of mind.

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