The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One

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Man invented tools to help ease the burden or strain associated with daily tasks. Power tools have become a must have in most aspects of day to day life. One tool that has, however, remained unchanged and perhaps as important is the screwdriver. Several powered models have sprung up but the truth remains that the hand operated ones are still quite popular. This article is aimed at identifying the best screwdriver set available on the market and what to look out for when buying one.


Origin Of The Screwdriver And Basic Introduction

The earliest recorded evidence about the use of screwdrivers dates back to the late Middle Ages in Europe. Archaeologists and historians are of the common opinion that screwdrivers were first invented or used in either Germany or France in the late 15th century. The tool is first thought to have appeared in a manuscript written somewhere between 1475 and 1490. The earliest screwdrivers apparently had had pear-shaped handles and were designed to drive slotted screws.

Nearly every mention of screwdrivers is made alongside the use of screws. Screws have been used for various purposes which might include holding together knight’s armor, fine cabinet carpentry, holding together weapons and so on.

A basic screwdriver consists of the following four parts:

The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One
  • The handle.
  • Shank.
  • The blade, and
  • The tip.

Presently, power screwdrivers are quite as popular as well. These power tools have been compared to drills but several differences set them apart as follows;

Drills are designed to chip out material at high speeds while screwdrivers run lower operating speeds. Drills can, however, be tuned down to act as screwdrivers.

Concerning speed, drills operate at an average of 1500rpm which can easily cause screw slipping. Screwdrivers operate at much lower speeds as I will discuss late on in the article.

Weight considerations is another factor that completely sets aside the two power tools. Drills run on larger more powerful motors compared to screwdrivers. This basically means that drills weigh considerably more compared to their close counterparts the screwdrivers.

A typical screwdriver set will often come with an assortment of the following types of screwdrivers;

  • a. Heavy-duty square blade Screwdriver:
  • b. Medium and small slot screwdriver.
  • c. A cabinet Screwdriver:
  • d. Medium sized Phillips screwdriver
  • e. Stubby Phillips screwdriver
  • f. Ratchet screwdriver

Cabinet screwdrivers have a thinner shank compared to most screwdrivers. The thin shank allows the screwdriver’s tip to reach screws located in deep holes without causing any damage to the surrounding wood. Additionally, the tip of a cabinet screwdriver is straight as opposed to tapered; common with other screwdriver types such as on an average flathead screwdriver.

The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One


Out Prospecting For A Screwdriver Set? Here What You Need To Consider

Screwdrivers are often overlooked in terms of selection and knowing what to pick or not. A lot of people don’t really understand the basics of screwdrivers and consequently, lack the slightest clue on what to look out for. Unlike power tools and especially the cordless variety which require some keen attention to details such as performance and others prior to making a purchase, screwdriver set picking involves more subtle cues as you’ll see. It is always recommended to consult several tool experts last you end up acquiring a set that won’t render you any good.



Most screwdrivers operate pretty much the same way. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are all priced the same. Some brands are pricier than others and so on. You obviously don’t need to break the bank to acquire a screwdriver set. On the same, cheap can be quite expensive too in terms of quality. When shopping for a screwdriver set, pay attention to the quality of the entire set versus the pricing.



The tip of the screwdriver you pick should completely fill the space atop the screw you intend to drive or remove. If the tip is too narrow, there is the possible risk of considerable loss of leverage while driving, which means you’ll have to use more effort to drive in the screw. You also risk stripping the screw and bending the tip of your screwdriver.

The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One


An Example of Tip type;



The material used to make the screwdriver should obviously be strong enough to resist bending at the tips and the shank as well. Malleable metals are the worst materials for use in screwdrivers. Hard materials such as hardened steel or hardened boron allow making for pretty stiff screwdriver grade material.



Torque is the term used to define the force that creates action of rotation. Screwdrivers operate via this principle where the rotary motion exerts or causes rotation on the work piece causing it to tighten or loosen it up. Screwdrivers with maximum torque power work fast and save time and energy.

5 Best Screwdriver Set Reviews

In the following segment, I have sampled and reviewed the top five screwdriver sets available on the market. I have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of each brand over the next for the specific purpose of clarity. It is important to be aware of and pay keen attention to the specific needs of your project while weighing the strengths and cons of one item over the next.

1. DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screwdriving Set with Tough Case

The DeWalt brand always delivers high-quality products as is the case with this particular screwdriver set. This set is a 45 piece array of tough and durable screwdrivers that are bound to impress even the toughest skeptics.

A favorite too many, this set comes in a handy carrying case complete with the classic DeWalt yellow signature color. As far as warranties are concerned, the set comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer. The set is suitable for a wide range of tasks ranging from basic DIY or heavy duty professional use.

The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One



  • The screwdrivers in this set have magnetized tips.
  • The drivers are available in all the useful sizes. There are 45 screwdrivers in this particular set which is more than one can bargain for.
  • The materials used are durable and can withstand heavy usage and resist rusting,
  • DeWalt always delivers excellence in ergonomic design which is the case here.


  • There have been a few concerns about the carrying case being not that great looking. But again, this is a working set; you don't need to bring it to a beauty pageant.

2. Stanley 60-100 10-Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set

The Stanley Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set is a top selling screwdriver set that features ten of the most popular stubby, slotted, pocket and Phillips screwdrivers. These have been tried and tested to meet the satisfaction of numerous fastening needs. The set includes;

1-point Phillips screwdriver,

2-point Phillips screwdriver,

4 slotted screwdrivers,

2 stubby screwdrivers, and

2 pocket screwdrivers. This set is suitable for both professional and basic home maintenance applications.




  • The Stanley standard fluted screwdriver set features an array of ten of the most popular Phillips, slotted, stubby and pocket screwdrivers to satisfy a wide range of fastening needs.
  • Hardened tips give non-slip fit for use on even the most stripped screws.
  • The material used to make the screwdrivers in this set is heat treated steel alloy. The blades are therefore rust resistant and coated with a nickel-plating.
  • The screwdrivers are comfortable to work with thanks to the ergonomic, tri-lobular, slip-resistant handles.
  • The set includes an array of useful driver bits which include 1-point and 2-point Phillips, 4 slotted, 2 stubby, and 2 pocket screwdrivers.
  • The Stanley set comes backed by lifetime limited warranty which goes on to reinforce the superior quality of the entire screwdriver set.


  • Compared to other brands, there are noticeably fewer screwdriver sizes included in this set.
  • The tips are not magnetized.

3. Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece

Craftsman Screwdriver set comes in second on our list of top five screwdriver sets. This set is an exciting set of Screwdrivers with a total number of 17 assorted Screwdrivers which include nine Slotted Screwdrivers and four Phillips Screwdrivers. Product dimensions are 1.1 x 9.8 x 16.5 inches and Weigh 1.5 Pounds. All the Screwdrivers in this set are manufactured by Phillips, a brand associated with high-quality products.

The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One



  • The screwdriver blades are treated which gives the blades extra strength on top of being made out of vanadium steel alloy.
  • There are 17 pieces in total on this set which is more than the number of Screwdrivers on numerous other brands. This allows for multiple uses.
  • The pieces included in this set feature comfortable ergonomic grips that allow for comfortable operation without hand fatigue or bruising.


  • There have been cited instances of the screwdrivers breaking.

4. GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set

This brand of screwdriver sets is popular with many car owners and maintenance garages. Thanks to the wide array of screwdriver length options, this set makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach areas such as an engine compartment. In this set, all big drivers have hex bolsters which allow application of both open-end and closed-end wrenches which help remove rusted bolts or nuts.

The black oxide tips ensure a non-slip grip and the perfect contact with fasteners further reducing the risk of injury during operation. The small screwdrivers are designed for precision work and are perfect for electronic appliances. The complete set consists of 20 drivers.




  • The length of most of the screwdrivers makes it a whole lot easier to reach into deep spaces.- This kit is designed for specialized repair and maintenance work which can be both professional and home DIY.
  • The ergonomics on this screwdriver set allows comfortable operation. The drivers’ bits are also durable and resistant to damage.


  • This set is not for the heavy mechanic, would be a decent home DIY're.

5. Performance Tool W1727 39-Piece Screwdriver Set with Rack

The final item on this list is a beautiful set of screwdrivers from Performance Tools. The set consists of 39 pieces of screwdrivers which have been placed in a handy carrying rack. The handles incorporate an ergonomic and comfortable non-slip molded grip that ensures comfort and maximum usage by the user.

Chrome vanadium is the choice material used to make the screwdriver blade. This essentially spells durability in bold terms. The set also boasts a satin finish with the screwdrivers having magnetic tips. The rack incorporates bit holders and a magnetizer/demagnetizer which guarantees that your screwdrivers will always be in great shape.

The Best Screwdriver Set Brands And What To Consider When Looking To Buy One



  • In terms of affordability, this set is the way to go.
  • The design and packaging on this set is simply attractive.
  • Ergonomics on the screwdriver handles allow comfortable usage without slippage or injury.
  • Due to the materials used to make the screwdrivers, the whole set is lightweight and therefore extremely portable.


  • Sadly, this set isn’t completely resistant to rust.

The Verdict

Every single entry on the list above has earned its rightful place among the top five screwdriver sets currently on the market. However, the DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screw driving Set takes up the most points on design, packaging, durability and versatility. This set is designed to take on the toughest jobs and still come out on top. Trust me the DEWALT DW2166 45-Piece Screw driving Set can take quite a beating and remain intact. This set is, therefore, the number one screwdriver set you should consider buying.


Screwdrivers are a must have addition to any toolbox whether professional or basic home DIY. They serve a role that cannot simply be replaced by a drill or even power driver. It is, therefore, a good move to source for the best of what the market has to offer in terms of screwdriver sets. As always consult tool dealers and consider their opinions on separate brands before making that all-important purchase.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading through this article and have got a way to pick the best screwdriver set. It was as fun to me as it was a learning experience. Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions in the space provided below. All the best!

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