Best Pocket Knife Brands You Should Consider to Buy

A pocket knife can be defined as a portable and foldable knife that can be carried around in the pocket. They are versatile and are mostly used for mobile purposes such as self-defense, cutting or opening an item. Here are some best pocket knife brands you should consider to buy in the market.


Kershaw Knives Brand

The best instance of the pocket knives is the Kershaw knife brands. They started being produced and manufactured back in 1974 by a simple salesman known as Pete Kershaw in Portland. They have been manufactured using the best technology known as 'shave sharp' using stainless steel blades and enforced handles.

Features And Functions

Kershaw knives brand has produced various types of knives, and they boast of providing knives that have durability, design, reliable blades as well as having the highest quality materials. Some of these knives are such as;

Kershaw asset knives - These are the knives used for cutting items as well as opening stuff such as bottles, peeling purposes and can also be used for combat purposes such as self-defense. They have been well crafted and designed for their use and purpose.

Kershaw blackout knives- These knives have been designed out of stainless steel and are designed mainly for cutting or peeling items such as fruits as well as self-defense or even for emergency purposes such as opening screws etc.

Kershaw blur knives - This is one of the knives that has been made out of the highest quality materials, as well as incredible materials such as stainless steel, textured G-10 handle for the required steady grip. It has mainly been known to be used for hunting purposes due to its sharpness, resistance to corrosion as well as an ability to easily sharpen.

Kershaw camp - This is a type of knife designed for outdoor purposes such as cutting food, chopping sticks, meat, slashing and many other functions. This is because it is crafted from steel and carbon tool that enhances toughness and protection from rust and wears resistance.

Some Best Kershaw Knives

There are some of best Kershaw knives from the Kershaw brand developed due to their reliability as durability and guarantee. These knives are;

Kershaw ken onion tactical blur: It is equipped with a 3 3/8 inch serrated blade designed from Sandvik stainless steel. It is also equipped with an anodized aluminum handle that provides a very firm grip. It is also very strong and highly effective.

Kershaw Cryo Knife: This is also one of the best Kershaw knife brands that carry a partially serrated blade also made from 8Cr13MoV, titanium carbo-nitride coating which enhances corrosion resistance making it not wear easily. It is also known as one of the best knives as it has a very good feature for slicing and chopping.

Spyderco Knives Brand

When one speaks of Spyderco you obviously know the person is talking about high-quality knives. With a variety of brands available in the market, the knives are as a result of extensive research and development carried out just to ensure the right steel and quality material is used in manufacturing them. All the Spyderco brands of knives are ergonomically designed to easily open and comfortably fit in your hand while you do the cutting.

spydeco knife

Moreover, a pocket knife can just hang out in your pocket till you feel you can use it. Every Spyderco folding knife is well designed with a thumb hole pull which makes opening the knife with one hand easy. There are a variety of Spyderco knife brands which include:

Spyderco Air Knife is a hand-use knife designed with very light fiberglass handle Titanium internal liners. The manufacturing process of the knife incorporates CPM-Powered metal in tool steel that has a superfine, steel-grain consistent structure, thus increasing the knife’s impact resistance. The knife stands out as the best because of its lightweight, and the handle feels blade sharpness and a lock that easy to use. The overall quality of the knife is just impressive. Furthermore, the knife can be found in online shops at a relatively lower price.

Spyderco Byrd: They constitute a new species of knives produced mostly in China at low cost but high standards of production. Their handles and blades are perfectly designed for use in different scenarios i.e. you can use them for cutting or defending yourself during danger. These knives can easily be folded and opened whenever you want to use them. They are available in a variety of sizes and their prices also differ depending on where you buy them.

Spyderco ambitious: Just as you are aware of the importance of persistence, resilience and ambitious when it comes to the manufacture of knives such traits in manufacturing cannot be withheld. The knife has a variety of features which include: Walker Liner Locks, G-1 Handles, lined lanyard holes, jumping and full-length internal liners that are skeletonized. With these amazing features, the knives come at cheaper prices while the give you surprising performance.

So where can I buy these knives from?

Spyderco knives are widely available in various online shops and outlets .The brands of Spyderco knives are many and they come in a variety of sizes. Their prices also differ greatly depending on the site you are going to buy from. Moreover, online shops give warranties which can be helpful in case you find any fault in the knife’s design. You can the online shops and compare the prices and the size of Spyderco knife that will be convenient to you.

Victorinox Knives Brand

Victorinox is a company that specializes in manufacturing or producing knives. This reputable company is located in Switzerland, in a town called Ibach. In 2005 this company also acquired its rival company known as Wenger. As such, Victorinox is the sole provider of knives to the Swiss army. It is a fact that in order for a knife to be of full use to you, you need to make sure that you are using the best quality or the best brand and you cannot go wrong with the Victorinox knives brand.

best pocket knife brands

This organization manufactures a variety of knife brands. However, one of its popular varieties is the pocket knife; in particular the Swiss Army knife. In fact, the Swiss Army knife is its best product to date. Although the company provides knives to the Swiss army, these knives are actually multi-functional. Therefore, they are not only useful to the army.

Victorinox produces folding or pocket knives of various sizes and they also come with different functional combinations. To show that they are the best in the business, NASA astronauts have made this pocket knife a standard tool.

Some of its popular types of Swiss Army knives are the Swiss Army Climber knife that comes with a belt clip and a knife chain, as well as a Victorinox Swiss Army Climber II Pocket Knife. This folding knife is the best tool for everyday men and women. To start with, this tool comes in handy whenever you want to open things such as boxes and packages. For those who love camping or the outdoors, this knife is an absolute must-have. When you are out camping, this knife has so many uses.

Folding knives also come in handy for those who enjoy fishing, you can use this tool for cutting the line or even removing hooks or removing screws; its importance cannot be overstated. As the knife also comes with a bottle opener, you can use it to pop open a cold beer while you are out fishing. This pocket knife also comes in handy for first aid purposes. It is used to cut bandages and to fashion tourniquets among other things.

Other uses for these tools include peeling fruit and providing protection. You can actually use this knife as a weapon if necessary.

Therefore, for such a multi-functional tool, it is always best to opt for the best provider of Swiss Army pocket knives, the Victorinox knives brand.

SOG Knives Brand

The story of SOG knives brand begins during the Vietnam War where members of MACV-SOG carried an exceptional knife to their covert mission. Later on, that unique knife inspired a young designer called Spencer Frazer after finding it in 1986. Therefore, his aim was to reproduce the authentic SOG Bowie knife for paying tribute to the special ops unit, which created it in the first place. Over the years, SOG knives brand produced a complete life of innovative tools and now the usage and demands of SOG knives spread over worldwide.

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How To Purchase Ideal SOG Knives

You should know that SOG knives are forged by tradition, hardened in the field and honed for you. Therefore, if you are planning to buy any kind of folding knife or pocket knives, consider buying it from SOG knives. This brand comes up with different kinds of the folding knife or pocket knives to meet your different demands and purposes like for hunting expeditions, protecting yourself or others, tackling the hard challenge of daily life and for fighting with extreme conditions of life.

When you are deciding to buy any kind of knife, first determine your purpose of usage as SOG knives give you the opportunity to choose your suitable knives from a wide range of collection such as hunting, outdoor, everyday carry, industrial and more. Benjamin Baker first designed the SOG knives. This brand is famous for their innovations in aesthetics and engineering.The amazing designs are simple yet complex to maintain the position in highest standard production in cutlery. However, you can completely rely on SOG knives for combat knives like SOG Contractor series, SOG Huntspoint series, SOG Northwest Rangers, SOG Bowie series and much more.

SOG Bowie Series – The knives of this series are considered classy and unparalleled in terms of originality and quality. Recon Bowie is one of the popular knives among this series.

SOG Huntspoint Series – This series is ideal for hunters or adventure loving people. Each knife of this series comes up with purpose has driven hunting fixed blades with a nice leather sheath.

SOG Contractor Series – You can find amazing useful pocket knives from this series.

SOG Fling – It is a conventional style 9-1/2-inch throwing knife that comes up with three-piece set with a ballistic nylon sheath.

Consider Comparing SOG Knives with Other Knives Brand

Before, buying any SOG knives, you should consider comparing it with some other best knives brands available in the market. However, you have to compare your knives in terms of price, usage, features, quality, warranty and guarantee terms and conditions and more. Moreover, you should know that whether your chosen knives brand is offering you the sharpening service or not. Do not forget to do a hardness test before you purchase your folding knife or pocket knives.

If you want to have knives with good prices, awesome selections and flawless features and specifications, you should go for SOG knives brand to get top-rated useful knives.

Boker Knives Brand

The Boker knife brand is a product of Boker Knives in Solingen, Germany. This brand is known for their Trapper, Canoe, Applegate and Stockman's products created in the age-old Tree brand of folding knives.

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The Boker knife brand has a wide range of products available in the market. Combat knives AFD are designed to compromise with the high standard and demand of professionals, who depend on the best field performance. The annual Damascus series are special creations for fans and collectors of knives.

The Applegate-Fairbairn fighting knife, a World War II design by Col. Applegate, comes in a variety of Damascus models and boot versions. The famous lightweight Plus 3000 knife, is slim and lightweight for daily carrying.

The Air-force pilot survival knife, with a leather handle and high-quality design, is sold at a remarkable price. The Albatross prides itself for its strong, solid plate 3.6mm titanium, which forms the basis of its frame lock.

The ceramic hi-tech series of the folding knives is 100% non-magnetic with a leading edge that is corrosion and retention resistant. The official Applegate neoprene Fairbairn trainer allows for chalking to verify an opponent’s scores.

The Aparo knife has a screwed handle and tang with an indestructible construction. The Armed Forces series incorporate fixed folders and blades, specially developed for critical requirements. The Bat folding knife is a South African design with many grinds and liner lock for maximum effect. A Besh-Wedge design is an attractive neck knife that is only available on pre-order.

Chad Los Banos, a Hawaiian designer, has created a range of Boker knife brand series. Named after him, the Banos knives have a variety of styles and sizes. The medium short blade liner lock medium, for fast action, the JC1 which is similar in ergonomics to the popular. Edit model combines durability compact ability and is foldable.

Also inclusive in this series is the Keycom key ring knife, the Hyper and M-Type that incorporate a frame lock system with quality steel blade, and the small tactical knife version with folders. The Karambit knife has a half-arc design. The powerful blade AUS-8 knife series is a combination of functionality with an efficient handle shape made from reinforced nylon fiber. Fixed even smooth blades, fold functionality, handles and leather sheath knives at super value, puts the Chad Los Banos series in a class of its own.

Boker Knives boasts a collection of knives in various categories; from lock folding, tactical liners, ceramic to kitchen knives. These ergonomically designed stainless steel blade knives are surprisingly affordable.

Buck Knives Brand

The Buck knives are an American knife whose manufacture was found in San Diego in California and its present location is Port Falls, Idaho. This company that manufactures the buck knives has evolved for a long time with a history which started 5 generations of Buck family and started in 1902 to date. The company started primarily by manufacturing field and sports knives, and has been credited with having invented, and popularizing the hunting knives to an extent that the Buck Knife term has become very common folding lock back knives that include even those that are made by other manufacturers.

The Buck Knives brand are known in creating combat knives that are of high quality that includes pocket knives, hunting knives, and other several models of the pocket knife. The Buck Knives was the first to successfully manufacture the folding lock blade which was introduced in 1964 and was strongly linked in the public mind. The knife was very much imitated but the Buck Knife blade has remained to be the trademark of lock blades. The following are some of the best buck knives brands.

Hoodlum series – The Hoodlum is one kind of the knife that has been built to be an ultimate survival tool. In the same series, there are two other models that are available in smaller sizes and these include a Punk and a Thug model. The two can be carried everyday for everyday survival tasks and they are made in the United States of America

Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife- The knife was introduced some decades ago and has still remained to be popular and efficient up to today. It is stylish and performance oriented. The 110 skinner Classic hunting series is a group that is known to offer a functionality that is a way ahead of its time yet no complaints about its performance to this day. The knives have good designs and in America, this knife has become an icon in hunting. Buck 110 and 119 are the best known by most of the hunters and which they have owned for many years.

Buck 500 Series – these are sleek pocket knives which are in the series of slim line and have the same locking action which has made the Buck knives very popular. In the Buck 500 series, there are three brands which are grouped there namely Buck squire closed and has a sheath, Buck Prince closed, and the Buck Knives Knight closed backpack with a drop point blade.

Benchmade Knife Brand

One of the best knives you can use is the Benchmade knife brand. The Benchmade knife brand is one of the best folding pocket knives because the product is known for having quality durable stainless steel. All of the Benchmade knives carry the state of the art design and allow users flexibility in form meeting function in a marriage of convenience. They feature durable tempered stainless steel. The knives all feature Benchmark's quality design.

The whole company was founded on the premise that they wanted to have the best knife around with overall quality durability and workmanship that would last for decades. One of the best in Benchmade quality knives may be the 520 Presido. The Presidio features ambidextrous function with a unique directional thread attached to the knife itself. This knife is the ultimate in durability along with having the special feature like aluminum handles and locking pins on the bars. These are some of the reasons why users prefer to spend a little more for these quality knives.

The Presidio are the fact that this knife is both solid and multi-functional. Most users like the fact that the solid handles that come with the knives allow them to get a secure grip and something to hold onto. They point to the grip on the Benchmade Triage as well as several other models as being really superior and something that is very helpful and long lasting.

Another knife that has users excited is the Benchmade 8810 Contego, Milled blue with a G10 handle. This is another great knife from the great people who make great knives at Benchmade. It features an Osborne design with a contemporary locking mechanism. It also has a reverse tanto blade that also has thumb stud openings that are ambidextrous for users who wish to use either hand on the product. This is one of Benchmark's great quality and unique designs that will make them known for workmanship the world over.

Make sure you shop Benchmade online for this product and other quality knives that can be located on the site. You can shop their selection of knives and find the products best suit your needs. Their folding knives and folding pocket knives are some of the best on the market with construction design that is unequaled.

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