How To Find Best Impact Driver Bits

Why Do I Need To Choose The Best Impact Driver Bits?

Today, you can actually find different kinds of impact driver bits in the market. In the choice of the best impact driver bits, most people decide using trial and error. You should look beyond a product's catchy tag lines and good packaging to ensure that you are getting your money's worth with every purchase that you make on driver bits.


Both professionals and non-professionals need a good driver bit set. In fact, it is also necessary to have a few extra bits to ensure that you have a spare one to use in case the bit that you are using breaks. A driver bit set comes with varied types of screwdriver bits like slotted bits or square bits. In addition, the set also comes with different sizes of bits. Aside from the different bits, an impact driver bit set comes with socket adaptors, nut setters, hex drill bits, and quick change adaptors.

Knowing The Different Types Of Driver Bit Sets

There are different kinds of bits. They function differently and work on different kinds of power tools. It is important to determine the tool that you will be using as well as the task that you need to complete. Moreover, it is also important to know the different kinds of impact driver bits to make sure that you are able to choose the best impact driver bits for the job.

One type of bits used in the industry is the impact driver bits. If you are using an impact driver for the job, you might want to consider getting an impact driver bit set. Most impact driver bit set comes with varied bits like screwdriver bits and nut setters bits. You should look for a bit set that is fairly complete and will come handy when you are using an impact driver most of the time. However, you should not feel obligated to get this bit set if you are not using an impact driver as this may be considered an overkill in a case to case basis.

Another type of bit set is the hex drill bit set. While getting this bit set may seem unnecessary as you have options like screwdriver bit set and drill bit sets, there are already a lot of power tools that make use of hex drill bits. In fact, over the years, this type of bit has become rather popular and common. Before you purchase your bit set, you should check out your power tool and make sure that it only uses this type of drill bits. Failing to do so might require you to make an additional purchase for the right bit set that fits your power tool.


A screwdriver bit set is also a great option if you want a straightforward approach to completing your task. This type of bit set is compact and comes with the necessary bits that you need for the job. This set comes with screwdriver bits as well as nut setter bits. You should determine the purpose of the bits to make sure that you are getting the right set of bits for the job.

Factors To Consider In Choosing Impact Driver Bits

There are several things that you need to consider in choosing the best driver bits for the job. Aside from knowing the different kinds of bit sets available in the market, you should also consider other factors that can affect your choice.

Consider Your Power Tool

One factor to consider is the power tool that you are using. You have to determine the right type of bit that your power tool can accommodate. Since the bits come with different ends, you might want to re-check your tool and make sure that the bit you are purchasing fits the tool perfectly. This way, you will be able to make the right purchase and you need not purchase additional bits since you fail to buy the right one the first time.

check size of power tool

Checking the size of power tool chuck

Purpose Of The Best Impact Driver Bits

The purpose of the bit should also be considered. You should consider the application of the bit. If you are working on wood, you should consider purchasing a bit that works on wood and not one that works on steel materials or concrete materials. It is important to determine the purpose, especially if you are using the bit for a particular project.

However, for professionals, who work on various materials, getting a set for different applications is a good idea. This way, you have the bits for various applications handy whenever you need them on the job site.

(Makita T-01725 Impact Drill-Driver Bit Set for wood working)-Via

Durability and reliability of the bit set are something that you should consider as well. There are different types of bits in the market, but not all sets are durable and reliable. Some may even fail on you while you are working on a project. You should meticulously check the durability of the material of the bit that you will be purchasing to ensure that it will be able to complete the task that you want to complete.

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set - Via

Irwin Industrial Tools 316015 Cobalt Drill Bit Set - Via

A Reputable Manufacturer

The manufacturer or brand name is something that you might want to consider as well. Reputable manufacturers often offer great quality bit sets. However, this should not be the only thing that will make or break your decision, as there are brands that may be less popular but can still deliver the promise of good performance and quality results with their products.

The Price Of The Bit Set

The price of the bit sets should be the last thing that you should consider. If you are on a tight budget, you can try shopping around for sets that are still affordable yet durable. However, if the price is not a problem and that you are a professional working on big projects, it may be a good idea to invest in the best impact driver bits from a reputable manufacturer that is a little costly compared to regular sets. This way, you are guaranteed that you are getting your money’s worth.

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