Choosing The Best HVLP Spray Gun; What You Should Know

best hvlp spray gun

Choosing the appropriate spray gun for a particular job contributes a great deal to the quality of the finished job. Professional and DIY painters today have a variety of choices between the various types of spray painters available on the market. When it comes to precision painting and detailing, HVLP spray guns are a popular choice. High Volume Low-Pressure spray guns are designed in a similar manner to air operated spray guns.


The difference comes in with HLVP guns requiring lower operating pressure. A high volume of air is used to atomize the paint resulting in a considerable reduction in the amount of overspray. Consequently, a larger volume of the paint reaches the target surface compared to conventional spray paint guns.

HVLP gun is popularly considered an advancement over conventional air operated spray painters. Air operated spray paint guns and HVLP guns complement each other. This article is meant to help you identify the best HLVP spray gun.

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Why Choose HVLP Spray Guns?

Persons new to the craft of detailing and precision painting may at one point ask why it is better to opt for HVLP systems over conventional spray painting methods.

1. Transfer Rate Efficiency: HVLP guns minimize paint wastage by overspray and deliver up to 90 percent of the paint onto the desired surface. This forms a defining feature that sets apart HVLP guns from the rest.

best hvlp gun

2. Compared to air controlled spray guns and other equipment, the pressure used is considerably lower. This produces a softer spray that is easy to handle even with amateur painters.

3. HVLP guns feature simple and straightforward designs that are easy to use. This is particularly handy with beginner painters with no prior experience with spray painting.

Easy to use with beginers

4. The quality of paint jobs produced by HVLP guns is visibly better compared to other types of spray painters. This is attributed to the degree of atomization realized by HVLP guns. The problem, however, is the fact that HVLP systems are designed for fine detailing paint jobs as opposed to outdoor paint jobs. HVLP guns are considered environmental friendly or at least contribute less to environmental pollution through overspray and such.

Worker is painting roof with hvlp sprayer at outdoor

Standard safety precautions are advised while operating spray painting equipment. The risk of serious bodily harm such as amputation is ever present even with HVLP systems. Other than direct injuries, the exposure to paint solvents while operating HVLP guns and regular spray paints is a health concern, especially regarding respiratory health. Most spray guns are accompanied by safety literature whose role cannot be overemphasized.

About HVLP Spray Guns, Choosing The Right Tool For The Job

HLVP spray paint guns are air operated tools that work by passing a stream of compressed air through an aspirator creating a suction of paint. The paint is sucked from a holding container or a reservoir at normal atmospheric pressure. The paint is atomized by the speeding air into fine droplets.

During their introduction, HLVP spray guns featured a turbine system that was meant to replace conventional air compressors. This received widespread disapproval owing to the fact that overheating was a fairly common occurrence. Modern day HVLP spray guns operate at air volume ranges of 12-24 cubic feet per minute delivered at pressures no higher than 10 PSI. The low pressure reduces paint wastage through overspray and there is no surface disturbance. However, there are HVLP models that achieve higher PSI values of up to 60 pounds per square inch.

This means a cleaner painted surface devoid of impurities such as sand grains and dust. Standard instrumentation comprises a means of paint atomization, hoses, spray gun and accompanying accessories. The spray gun exists in two configurations;

1. External Mix gun: This type of gun atomizes the paint outside the gun’s air cup. It is better suited for the application of fast drying paints such as alcohol based paints and pigments.

2. Internal Mix gun: In this configuration, the spray gun atomizes the paint inside the air cup. The air-paint mixture is afterward expelled onto the desired surface. This type of HVLP gun is suitable for slower drying paints.

The first and foremost aspect that should be considered before settling on a specific HVLP gun are its quality. For inexperienced painters and beginners, consulting spray paint equipment dealers may offer some insight into the best products available. It is advisable to review product literature before making a purchase. Generally, the factors to consider should include;

The power of the HVLP gun: HVLP guns operate between 2-10 PSI. Spray guns operating above 5PSI are generally regarded as professional grade. These are capable of atomizing thicker paints and withstanding higher usage demands. HVLP guns operating below 5PSI are designed to meet DIY painting demands and will perfectly execute small detailing tasks such as furniture painting perfectly.

Paint Delivery System

This relates to the position of the paint holding reservoir. There are three possible configurations; suction feed, gravity feed, and pressure feed.

Suction feed system entails a suction tube that is dipped in the paint container feeding the gun.

Suction feed system paint gun


Gravity feed system entails placement of a paint holding cup atop the HVLP gun. As the name suggests, the gun is fed via gravity ensuring maximum use of the paint.

gravity feed system paint gun


Pressure feed system: The paint reservoir is pressurized. The paint reaching the HVLP gun is pressure adjusted before atomization and consequent dispensing.

pressure feed system paint gun


Atomization Method

HVLP guns depend on either hydraulic (airless) atomization means or air-assisted atomization. Hydraulic atomization employs high pressures of up to 5000PSI which is later toned down. Air atomization employs fluid pressures of up to 1500PSI and is the most common.

HVLP spray guns are famed for the quality of their transfer rates. They can achieve up to 90% paint transfer onto a surface. The higher the PSI value of the HVLP gun the easier it is to atomize paint. The quality of the paint jobs warrants HVLP guns better at detailing and touches up. Below is a compilation of the top HVLP spray guns available on the current market.

Which The Best HVLP Spray Gun You Should Buy?

1. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Fuji 2202 Semi-pro2


This product is designed to be easy to use while at the same time delivering a top notch finish. The Fuji 220 Semi-Pro features a siphon feed system that is non-bleed. The design is compact and comprehensive and is a worthwhile investment for beginner DIY painters and hobbyists.

This unit boasts a powerful twin stage bypass motor with a power rating of 1400 watts. This particular model is designed to serve both home DIY painting needs and professional jobs. The twin-stage bypass motor has multiple coating abilities meaning that the HVLP gun can handle most types of coats and pigments. Most HVLP spray guns typically have low wattage ratings and underpowered motors which aren't the case with the Fuji 220G semi-Pro.


Other than paint application, the Fuji Semi-Pro is excellent at varnish and alternative materials application. The results produced are “A” grade.

This model ensures economic paint usage. Wastage through bleeding is eliminated meaning every drop of paint is accounted for.

This model has a 400 cc paint reservoir that is well above the average HVLP sprayers in terms of volume. That coupled with an accompanying 25ft hose makes detailing and finish work a lot more efficient.d. The Fuji 2202G has a metal casing that ensures durability and long service life.


  • There have been cited reports of the metal casing on the Fuji 2202G being corroded.
  • This model experiences problems with urethane application.

2. HOMERIGHT C800766 Max Fine Finish Sprayer

best hvlp spray gun


The Homeright C800766 is a premier HVLP spray gun that delivers precise detailing and touches up. It incorporates a brass design that ensures durability. This product is popular with home DIY painters, beginners, and hobby painters.

This HVLP gun is suitable for use with clear sealers, primers, stains, chalk paint, varnish, and polyurethane. It features three spraying models as circular, vertical and horizontal giving the painter precision control. Using the mounted trigger knob, you can adjust the spray pattern from one inch wide to six inches wide.


Weighing at only 3.2 pounds, the Homeright 800766 is easy to handle and operate. The low weight further enhances the quality of the detailing job. The dimensions of this product are also consumer friendly bearing in mind it is a finishing tool.

This product has remained a bestseller because of its market selling price. For an HVLP gun of its specifications, the price tag on this product is a great bargain.

This product runs on a standard home voltage of 120V drawing 3.3 amperes at 60Hz. It is, therefore, safe to operate other home appliances safely without the risk of a power trip or overload.

The Homeright C800766 is easy to set up, clean and operate. The product also comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The plastic casing on the Homeright C800766 raises durability concerns.
  • The paint cup has a low paint holding volume which may be time-consuming to refill every now and then.
  • The Homeright C800766 is specifically designed for lightweight home use only.

3. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer


This particular product features a powerful 570 Watt twin stage turbine capable of handling thick consistency paints. The strongest selling points on this model are in its pricing and the functionality. This model’s powerful twin stage turbine and a variable air pressure gun both enable the product to cover a wide range of coats and pigments with minimal overspray. The Wagner 0518080 is a favorite to DIY painters and hobbyists alike.

It has been used to paint furniture items, interior wood trimmings, kitchen cabinets and decks producing professional results even with inexperienced painters. The pressure control knob of this model allows the user to toggle between half to 12 inches of the spray pattern. For a lightweight HVLP sprayer, the Wagner 0518080 has plenty of power. There is no overspray or bleeding concerns nonetheless.


  • The Wagner 0518080 comes with a 20 feet flex air hose that makes it possible to paint hard to reach areas.
  • A Variable air pressure control feature minimizes overspray producing an even finish.
  • For larger paint jobs, this product comes with an above average cup volume. The 1.5-quart cup eliminates the constant need to refill.
  • Weighing just 10 pounds, the Wagner 0518080 is light enough to carry around rendering this model portable and comfortable to use.


  • The standard power cord that comes with this product is short. This limits the range of effective operation.
  • While using lighter consistency materials such as lacquers and stains, some degree of overspray has been noted. The fact that overspray isn’t completely eliminated is, therefore, a valid point to note.

4. Astro 4008 Spray Gun


The Astro is a great piece for beginner painters and hobbyists. This particular product is suitable for home decoration jobs that require precision and attention to detail such as car painting and furniture restoration. This model features a suction feed paint holding cup and a light ergonomic handle design. This HVLP spray gun also features an impressive 1-quart dripless cup that is well above other standard HVLP spray gun volumes.

The Astro 4008 comes with a standard one-year warranty and an exclusive repair and/or parts replacement plan. When talking about HVLP spray guns, most people often consider materials such as paints, lacquers, and stains. With the Astro 4008, thicker consistency materials such as glues are comfortably handled scoring versatility points for this model.


  • The Astro 4008 has a compact and lightweight design allowing for easy handling. This piece weighs at only 3 pounds.
  • This product comes with a full set of repair kits and parts. The product is also covered under a year’s worth of warranty.
  • This model incorporates a beautiful red handle design and a durable aluminum finish that is corrosion resistant.


  • This particular product operates at a maximum HVLP inlet of 50-60 PSI. This isn’t a particularly bad thing but high-quality paint jobs demand considerably lower pressures of no more than 10 psi. This renders the Astro 4008 spray gun ineffective for indoor home use.
  • This product is better suited for industrial use as opposed to light and delicate DIY home-uses.

5. Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM


This product is designed as part of the platinum mini mite series. It is meant for hobbyists and DIY painters. The Fuji 2804 is a powerful and portable HVLP spray gun that delivers a perfectly smooth finish. It is a great tool for painting kitchen cabinets, furniture and other wooden or metal surfaces around the house.

This particular model uses the most powerful 4 stage turbine motors unseen elsewhere. For individuals seeking power and precision, this is the HVLP spray gun of choice. The Fuji 2804 has an operating pressure of 9PSI which is the optimal pressure for most detailing jobs. The Fuji 2804 is a favorite to most car paint job dealers.


  • Similar to other Platinum series HVLP guns, the Fuji 2804 features a platinum heat dissipation feature that ensures longer turbine motor life. The heat dissipation box is located at the rear end of the case.
  • The 600cc cup ensures continued spray jobs eliminating constant refill stops. The 600cc paint holding cup is gravity feed variety.
  • A standard 25-foot hose is included in the package alongside an assortment of wrenches, cleaning brushes, and a user manual.
  • This product is designed to handle thick consistency paints without the need to thin. The four stage turbine delivers outstanding capabilities that allow the Fuji 2804 to handle thick paints and pigments.


  • Despite the four-stage turbines, this particular model lacks the noise reduction feature. This means that operating noise is a factor hard to ignore.



The sampled HVLP spray guns all earn their place among the top best sellers in the current market. Any pick among the discussed items would be a worth while investment. However, the Fuji 2202G Semi-Pro spray paint gun earns the top spot. It combines the aspects of balanced power, design, and practicality. The Fuji 2202G’s design is innovative and durable thanks to its metal casing. For an HVLP gun of its specifications, the Fuji 2202G Semi-Pro is a worthwhile value for your money.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading through the article. It was a fun and learning experience for me as I hope it will be for you. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts in the comments section provided below. I wish you good luck choosing the best HVLP spray gun for your home or business use.

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