The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For 2017: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Technology is continually changing the global landscape. Over three decades ago, it would seem a far- fetched idea to have remotely controlled drones. Today, however, we see drones delivering goods to our doorstep. Similarly, there have been strides in the stationery industry to improve electric sharpeners. First introduced in 1940, electric pencil sharpeners have become a necessity for students, artists, and avid designers. They speedily provide the precise pencil sharpness required. It’s in light of this that this article seeks to identify the best electric pencil sharpener in the market and what to consider when purchasing one.


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Why Use An Electric Pencil Sharpener Over The Conventional Sharpener?

One might argue that the conventional sharpener performs the same function as an electric one. Surprisingly, this has sparked different debates, especially among the artists. The latter, however, has a great deal of advantages. These include:

  • SPEED: They are capable of sharpening a dull pencil in seconds.
  • EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT: Electric sharpeners sharpen pencils to their finest point without breaking the lead. Moreover, it achieves a balanced lead which is necessary for the user.
  • ELIMINATES INJURIES: Conventional sharpeners have been noted to cause sore hands in some cases, and the electric ones avert this possibility.

How An Electric Pencil Sharpener Work

It’s pretty simple, and it’s a guarantee that you won’t use the manual guide. But for technical purposes let’s try to demystify its functionality. Once you’ve placed the pencil on the opening provided, it’s sandwiched between metal blades. The blades are tilted at a specific angle. It’s from their exact positioning that the pencil is achieved its pointy edge. The blades, or in some cases a singular blade, shave the off the wood and the lead.

best electric pencil sharpener reviews-how it works

The sharpener is plugged into a power socket where 2 Amperes of current flow through with a voltage of 120. Therefore, equipped with theoretical knowledge in Physics, it’s conclusive that only a resistance of 60 Ohms is allowed on the device. The circuit is completed once the pencil is pushed into the sharpener due to the application of pressure inside it. Subsequently, a series of chain reactions in the sharpener begin taking place: the rotation of the motor is the significant one.

Electric sharpeners use the single phase motor. The rods and chains fitted therein to supply the required current to the gears in the motor. Electrical energy is then transferred from the gears to the metal blades which in turn sharpen the pencil. It is important to note that some electric sharpeners use batteries instead of the motor.

Don't Know What Electrcic Pencil Sharpener To Buy? Consider The Following Specifications

  • The Motor and blades: This is the fundamental engine in the operation of the sharpener. As you purchase one, ensure that the blades are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and resistant to agents of corrosion. Moreover, to eliminate any irksome sound in your work space, purchase a sharpener that has a quiet motor.
  • Power Source: Consider the sharpener’s source of power. For instance, if you work in a fixed position it’s recommended you have an electrical connection. Similarly, if your occupancy dictates constant movement, a portable sharpener would come in handy.
  • Safety Features: When purchasing an electric sharpener, it’s vital to consider the high speeds of the rotating sharp blades. Therefore, ascertain that it’s fitted with a safety feature that can prevent injuries. An auto switch is an example of such.
  • Your budget: As is the case with any buy you are intent on making, ensure that the desired sharpener fits within your price range.

What To Do When Experiencing Dificulties With An Electric Pencil Shrapener

It’s inevitable that one will avoid any possible difficulties or problems when using these devices. Consequently, it’s paramount to look at the common problems and their solutions.

1. The sharpener isn’t operating: In such a scenario, check if it’s plugged into the power source. Additionally, check if the outlet has enough power using another appliance. If the power outlet is functioning, check if the sharpener’s power cord has been damaged and refrain from using it if frayed or cut.

2. The sharpener ‘hums’ but the blades don’t rotate: This could be caused by excess pencil shavings that jam the rotating blades. It goes without saying that in such a situation you should remove the shavings. You should unplug the device first, and then gently tap its sides over a waste bin to free the loose shavings. After doing this, examine the device for any remaining shavings after which you can use it.

3. Off- center sharpening: This occurs when a pencil isn’t evenly sharpened. It’s however caused by external factors. To avoid this occurrence, make sure that you hold the pencil with a relatively neutral grip. This inherently negates any side force that may offset the sharpening. Alternatively, on sharpener with multiple holes, make sure you fit the pencil into the right one.

4. Rough Sharpening: A rough functioning of the sharpener is attributed to worn out blades. To check their condition, you need to unplug the sharpener, detach the receptacle and it over. If the blades show a glazed surface at the edge where the lead is sharpened, this is an indication of the extent of the wear. Therefore, the blades ought to be replaced.

5. Dull tip after sharpening: Similar to the preceding problem, this results from worn out blades as well. The pencil tips are as thus not sharpened to meet the required sharpness.

Which Is  Best Electric Pencil Sharpener That You Should Buy?


The Toolsand Electric Pencil Sharpener

This model is manufactured in multiple colors and designed to suite color pencils and number #2 graphite pencils.



  • This model is cordless and compact. Consequently, it can be held in the hand and used in anywhere as it’s portable.
  • This electric sharpener is really fast as it sharpens a dull pencil in 1 second and a new one in about 5 seconds.
  • The model features a safety attribute. It can’t operate when its shaving bin cover is left open. The foam rubber integrated on its lower surface protects your working space from scratches.
  • Additionally, the foam rubber maintains the sharpener in a steady position when sharpening.
  • It functions with both round and hexagonal shaped pencils.
  • The model has been patented to run in two modes: manual or electrically through batteries. This allows for an easy switch over if the batteries have been depleted or according to user preference.
  • The model incorporates a locking feature that prevents spillage of shavings.
  • When purchased the sharpener comes with AA batteries and a replacement blade.


  • This sharpener requires regular emptying of shavings due to its compact nature.

TripWorthy 102256 Is One Of  The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For No.2 & Colored Pencils

This model is operated by four batteries. One should consider this sharpener if they are always on the road. It’s recommended for professional artists and students.



  • This model is compact and has a relatively light weight. This gives it its unique portability attribute.
  • The Trip Worthy 102256 is durable and therefore nullifies the need of getting another sharpener for a long duration. This is as a result of the high-quality materials used to craft it.
  • This model is safe for all its users especially kids. It has been fitted with an auto- stop feature that automatically prevents it from functioning if any of its assembled elements is missing.
  • This sharpener is versatile in its use. It can be used for sharpening multiple pencils. This includes colored pencils and number 2 pencils.
  • Easy to use. This model is recommended for all users whether professionals or kindergarten students.


  • It can’t be used to sharpen soft pencils such as wax pencils.
  • The compartment holding the shaving is small. Therefore, regular emptying is inevitable.

The Office Goods ELM V-7

This particular model offers the user with 3 options of sharpening their pencils: blunt tip, medium tip or sharp tip. It can sharpen pencils between 10- 15 seconds. The sharpener is ideal for graphite, color, and standard number 2 pencils.



  • Its compact nature gives it its portable aspect that allows it to be used in any environment.
  • This model is similarly safe for the users with an emphasis on the safety of kids. A safety tab has been embedded in its design. The tab prevents it from working once the shaving cover has been removed.
  • The Office Goods ELM V-7 can be powered in three different ways. One can power it through electrical outlets, AC adapters, and USB cords or batteries.
  • It has been fitted with non-skid rubber feet that keep it steady on the working surface.
  • The model embraces sustainability as it’s made from environment- friendly materials.


  • It has a small collection bin for the resulting shavings.
  • It doesn’t stop functioning even after the pencil is sharpened.

The Linkyo Heavy Duty Electric Sharpener-Designed For Classroom & High Volume Use

The Linkyo Heavy Duty model is recommended for high volume capacities. It sharpens pencils with high speeds of up to three seconds.



  • In contrast to the already mentioned models, this one offers a large crystal clear reservoir for shavings. It can hold shavings for up to 100 pencils.
  • The model has been fitted with sharpening sensors that make sure its cutter stop once the pencil has become sharp.
  • This model has the capability of automatically shutting off once it has been opened.
  • It has been fitted with non-skid rubber feet that keep it steady on the working surface.
  • It has similarly been fitted with auto jam release that’s enabled by pushing the pencil down.
  • The model has an anti-slip silicon surface that ensures its stable when in use.
  • The model’s rotating drills prevent lopsided sharpening.


  • This sharpener feels rather cheap and flimsy.
  • Its use is limited to standard pencils.

The School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, 6 x 4 Inches, Electric

This model applies the natural law of gravity to hold the pencil in place. It has a height of 6 inches and a width of 4 inches. It’s suited for offices and homes as it’s designed for standard pencils. It comes in two colors, either black or gray.



  • Its design has integrated a large shavings receptacle that’s easy to remove. The receptacle is also easy to empty.
  • The clear receptacle makes it easy to check on its fullness of shavings.
  • This model also comes with a feature that enables it to automatically stop once sharpening is complete.
  • The School Smart Vertical model is fitted with helical blades that ensure the pencil achieves the desired tip.
  • It is stable on surfaces as it has non-skid pads made of rubber.


  • The model is specifically designed to sharpen non-graphite pencils.
  • This model produces noise when in use.

The Verdict

All the listed electric sharpeners are genuine contenders to be on the top of your sharpener shopping list. With exciting features that are catchy to the eye on paper, it’s indispensable that the buyer is open-minded to all options available. However, the Toolsand Electric Pencil Sharpener edges the rest due to its unique capabilities. This sharpener meets all the considerations that are recommended when purchasing one. It’s safe to use, addresses the noise issue demonstrated by the School Smart Vertical model and is affordable. This should be the standard measure for the available sharpeners in the store.

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Sharpeners are vital stationery elements and as such buyers should be keen before they make a buy. Consider the reviews given on the particular model that you seek. Moreover, you can ask for suggestions from other people in your field: for instance, other artists or interior designers.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did when compiling it. Knock yourself out by commenting, sharing your thoughts and opinions in the space provided below. Best of luck as you shop for your next sharpener!

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