How To Find The Best Electric Impact Wrench, You Need To Know

An impact wrench can be considered as an important and essential asset for a homeowner as well as for a mechanic. Actually, if you are the sort of person who wants to deal with the small household tasks by yourself, then an electric impact wrench can be of great importance to you. At the same time, for a mechanic, this same thing also serves as a great and important tool because it has the ability to serve lots of purposes and drilling tasks. However, the main problem anyone would face while buying a new electric impact wrench is finding out the best electric impact wrench as there are lots of brands available in the market.


How Does The Impact Wrench Work?

Before you go to buy a new impact wrench, you need to know the reasons which explain the way by which impact wrench works. Actually, an impact wrench works well when some factors are added in the most efficient way. At the same time, the size plays a great role here because customers nowadays want something which is convenient enough to be carried anywhere without facing any problem. So, the manufacturers have mainly brought 2 shapes- pistol shaped and another is a screwdriver like shaped. Whether you want to perform small household drilling and driving jobs, or all the tasks of a technician, you must need an electric impact wrench of better quality.


Things You Should Keep In Mind While Going To Buy An Impact Wrench

Power Source Of The Impact Wrench

At the very beginning stage, we want to let you know that you need to check the type of power source of the impact wrench you want to buy. In this case, you have to know that at this moment; there can be found 3 different types of power sources which are needed to operate the impact wrenches.

1. Compressed Air

Almost all the mechanic shops, nowadays, use the compressed air type impact wrenches. With this kind of impact wrenches, an air-tank is linked so that it can supply the energy needed to create the type of torque required to perform the drilling and driving operations.

2. Hydraulics

The impact wrenches which come with the hydraulic motors can generate the heavy amount of torque to do different types of drilling tasks. This kind of wrenches can also be the right choice for you if your main focus is to deal with doing heavy driving tasks.


3. Electricity

This sort of impact wrench mainly works with the help of electricity to generate the needed power. For operating moderate kind of tasks, you can go for this kind of impact wrench. If you want to perform heavy tasks with your electric impact wrenches, then this type can be regarded as the best electric impact wrench for you. When you choose it, you don't need an air compressor or a hydraulic tank.


Socket And Shape Size

The following table will give you a brief idea about the socket you need to choose while buying an electric impact wrench for you.


Socket Size



3/8 Inch

Generally pistol with a particular type of inline form that is known as butterfly wrench


1/2 Inch



3/4 Inch



1 Inch

T-Shape inline and Piston

The socket size mainly varies on the type of task you want to do. Therefore, you must consult with a technician before you choose any particular socket size. For example, in the above chart, in the case of no 1 socket size, you can see the shape is a pistol and it is in line, and the size is 3/8 inch. Now, if you think your task can be well-performed with this socket size, then you should go for this one.

Torque Of The Impact Wrench

The last thing, in this discussion, we will be discussing is the torque speed of the electric impact wrench. The torque of electric impact wrench arranges from 190ft-lbs to 350ft-lbs. With AC source is more power than DC source but DC source you can use on car power when you driver on the way. In this case, you have to remember one simple formula which is that an electric impact wrench can serve the best when it has the high level of torque speed generating capacity.

The lower of the speed of the torque is, the performance of that electric impact would be lower. So, you should check the torque speed of the available impact wrenches and only after that you should choose the one that is manufactured to fulfill your purpose in the best possible way.


After reading the above discussion, you have got the clear idea and knowledge which will definitely help you to pick the best electric impact wrench for you. In addition to the above-discussed steps, you can also study some other reviews so that you can find out more information regarding this particular topic.

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