6 Tips Using Safe With Your Cordless Impact Wrench

When you invest in a new tool, you would probably want to make sure that it is going to last as long as possible. Moreover, you would want a tool that will perform well. When it comes to ensuring that your device performs well, that is preventive maintenance. Here are some tips that can contribute to ensuring that your cordless impact wrench will work properly while on the job.


Lubricate Your Cordless Impact Wrench Properly

Unlike most pneumatic impact wrench which should be lubricated daily, a cordless impact wrench should be greased every few months, depending on the application as well as usage of the tool. Lubricating your cordless tool properly will help extend its life. In addition, this should also contribute to improving the tool’s performance.

The areas that need to be lubricated are those parts where you can hear noise from the tool when the tool is powered on. If there is a change in this noise, you can wipe off the old grease and reapply new lubrication to improve the tool’s performance. If you are in doubt, you can check the tool’s manual to determine which parts of the tool require lubrication.

Wipe Fuels And Solvents On The Tool Immediately

When you are using your cordless impact wrench, and it has come in contact with fuels and solvents like a thinner, gasoline, and acetone, you should wipe them away quickly. You should use a paper towel when wiping the tool but skip using any cleaning solvent. You should also skip abrasive cleaning as this can affect the appearance of the housing.

Keep Dirt And Debris Away From The Tool’s Openings

When using a cordless impact wrench, you have to make sure that you keep any dirt, debris or perhaps metal fillings away from the openings of the tool’s housing. Dirt and debris can actually affect the tool’s performance. Moreover, it can become stuck in the tool’s mechanism. This can result to damage on the different parts inside the cordless impact wrench.

Store Batteries Properly And Ensure Proper Charging

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In the past, it has been a considered a concern when it comes to preserving the life of cordless impact tools like the cordless impact wrench. However, with recent advancements in technology, there is no memory effect on the new and improved lithium-ion batteries of cordless tools. You just have to keep in mind that the life of this type of batteries is maximized if you keep then in 50 percent stage of charge. Additionally, it is normal to charge the battery overnight. In fact, this will not have a negative effect on the battery and its performance.

Use The Appropriate Type And Size Of Accessories For A Cordless Impact Wrench

When using cordless impact wrenches, it is important to take remember that you should use the right type of accessories for the tool. Impact wrenches are designed to work with impact sockets. Thus, you have to make sure that you use one when working with a cordless impact wrench. Using regular sockets with a cordless impact wrench affects the performance of the tool.

In addition, this also poses a significant safety concern while in the workplace. A regular socket cannot with stand the amount of torque that an impact wrench delivers. The regular socket can shatter and become a safety hazard.

Regular sockets cannot handle high torque delivered by an impact wrench because of the materials used to make the sockets. Regular sockets are created using chrome, which is fairly brittle and can shatter when subjected to excessive vibration. On the other hand, impact sockets are made from a more malleable and softer material that allows it to absorb vibrations and higher impact.

Wear The Right Protective Gears

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When working with cordless impact wrenches, you have to remember to wear the right protective gears. Just as with any other power tool, it is important to be mindful of personal protection. It is vital that you wear eye protection and gloves when working with a cordless impact wrench. The glove type that you need to use will depend on the type of job that you are doing. It is also a good idea to wear protective headgear, especially if you are working on projects over your head.

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