2020 Window Design Trends

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The style of your windows makes a big statement about your home. Whether you are doing a new window installation or replacement, you need to find a design that is functional yet aesthetically pleasing. The ideal window should allow natural light to enter your home, provide great views from the inside, improve ventilation, boost energy efficiency, and enhance the looks of the home.


2020 Window Design Trends

Just like any other fashion, window trends also change with time. If your current design is old or dull, you need to get a new window installation. Stylish windows not only boost the appeal of a home, but they also increase the value of the house. Fortunately, there are plenty of new window designs that you can pick from to add a dose of decorative style to your place. Here are some trends you should explore.

Black Window Frames

One of the most alluring styles we are witnessing today is black window frames and grills. Whether you own a contemporary home or a century-old house, black frames can be used to add serious character. These frames are stealing the show as they maximize curb appeal, creates exciting contrast in the interior and exterior, and they can fit perfectly in any house regardless of the colors around it. You can opt to paint wooden frames black or invest in blackened steel or aluminum.


Transom windows are now back in fashion after disappearing in the 1980s. They first appeared in the 14th century, and they are today being used to add glamour to a home. They are narrow windows that are installed above the main window or door. They improve the lighting in a home, increase ventilation, and add charm to the indoor space. They can be installed in the living room, kitchen, reading room, and even bathroom. If you are looking to take your home further upscale this year, consider getting a transom window installation.

Window Walls

If you are looking for a window design that will open up your room and set a relaxing atmosphere, go for window walls. Most people are now opting for homes that have more glass and fewer frames. This has led window walls to be the go-to option for many. Floor to ceiling windows are not only meant to increase natural light penetration, but they also fuse you with nature that is located around your home. They offer stunning and soothing views to any surrounding serene scenery, such as a garden, lake, ocean, pool, or landmark.

Modern Bay Windows

If you are looking for instant elegance without trying too hard, go for modern bay windows. This protruding design can make our home more charming and spacious and improve indoor air quality. The modern bay window designs include adding different features around the window to enhance the style. It can include placing sleek cushions, pillows, seats, shelves, or plants adjacent to the window. Bay windows can be added in your living room, studies, bedroom, or kids room. Although this design already exists, it has now become a trend for every home renovation to include a modern bay window.

2020 Window Design Trends

Blinds Set Into Glass

Instead of having to invest in window treatments, new window technology has now gifted us with blinds that are set into glass. The blind is built in between two panes of glass and is operated using a remote or manual control system. It’s not only convenient, but it is also a safer option as it doesn’t have cords. The blinds can come in any color you want, allowing you to add some drama and style to your home.

Sustainable Windows

Modern homeowners are increasingly leaning towards eco-friendly home designs. This includes windows. Fortunately, there are new window styles that are emerging that are built with eco-friendly material. This includes materials like wood, composite, and vinyl. There are also designs that are helping homeowners to dramatically reduce energy bills such as multi-pane windows. You can also opt for awning, casement, or hopper windows if you want to minimize your home’s energy consumption.

2020 Window Design Trends

Window Treatments

A stylish window paired with trendy treatments can set the scene for an elegant interior. There are many emerging window treatment fashions that you can use to complement your windows. One of the top designs is Roman roller shades. They can be used to add character and manage lighting and privacy in a room. Other fashionable treatment options include roller shades and plantation shutters. You should also consider adopting the new technology that allows you to close or open your blinds without having to leave your seat.

Bottom Line

There are currently many window design trends. Some styles are here to stay, while others will soon disappear. Before investing in a trendy and eye-catching design, do your homework and assess the functional value of the window. You don’t want to choose a window only to realize later that it increases your energy bills, makes the indoor temperatures uncomfortable, or compromises your security.

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