10 Tips To Save Money When Purchasing Tools

You may find yourself having the dilemma of finding the right tools as there are a lot of options available in the market these days. Moreover, you will have a hard time determining which tools offer the best value and the best price. But, you should not worry; here is a list of the tips and tricks that can help you save money when buying tools.


1.Purchase Your Needs And Not Your Wants

First of all, when it comes to purchasing tools, you should be honest with yourself about what tools you really need. You should buy tools that you need and not those you only want. There are people whose garages are actually filled with top of the line power tools still in their pristine condition as they are rarely used. If you want to save money, you should only purchase tools that you need. It does not make sense to pay extra for tools that you will likely not use at all.

buy tool that what you need

Moreover, you should consider purchasing tools with features that are useful to you. There may be tools of the same kind with extra features at a more expensive price. If you want to save, opt for those tools with features that you need and not those with extra features that you do not need.

2.Do Not Purchase Too Cheap Tools

If you want tools that can last long, you should probably skip those tools with too cheap rates. If you want better performing tools, you should consider those that are not too cheap. Chances are cheapest tools doing not actually perform well. You will likely become frustrated when you are working with these cheap tools. It is important to take note that a low priced version of a tool will not have the same durability, features or performance of the higher priced models from the same manufacturer.

If you buy cheap tools, you will likely need to purchase the same tool again as it has not lasted long due to poor performance, resulting in more expenses instead of savings.

3. Go For Combo Kits

If you are in need of several tools to replace old ones or you need to add more tools in your toolbox, you should consider checking out package deals and combo kits. With combo kits, you can purchase several tools at once. Buying combo kits can help you save money compared to purchasing the tools individually. However, the catch with buying combo kits is that you will probably purchase some items included in the kit that you do not need.

For example; If I want to buy separately one Makita FD02W 12V driver with price about $80 and one more Makita DT01W 12V impact driver with price $107, I need to pay total $180. But I buy one combo pack Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion  Cordless Impact driver & Drill , I pay only about $119 and save $68. It is good for me.

4. Stick With A Brand

It is actually easier as well as cheaper to stick to a manufacturer than to have several products from different manufacturers. This concept is especially true when it comes to cordless power tools. In fact, you will save more if you purchase a single battery and charger that works with several tools from one manufacturer.

Stick with a Brand Photo by Robert S. Donovan

When purchasing tools, you can purchase bare tools without the charger and battery as this can give you more savings. When you purchase several tools from one manufacturer, chances are the tools will work with the same battery and charger. This way, you will save cash as you only need to purchase one set of battery and charger. Moreover, you will also save on storage and work space as you do not need a lot of space to store and place batteries and chargers from different manufacturers.

5. Shop Wisely And Timely

When shopping for tools, you have to do it wisely and timely. Most stores and manufacturers will put their products on sale several weeks before special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Father’s Day. This times is a great to do your shopping as well. During these times, tools are aggressively discounted. In fact, if you are lucky, you will find tools that are 60 percent off during the holidays. If you do not need a certain tool, for now, you can wait until you find discounted prices for the tools that you need.

Photo by Vander Elbe

6. Refurbished Tools Are Good Options

If you want to save more when buying tools, you should consider purchasing refurbished tools. Refurbished tools are those tools that are returned to the manufacturer and repaired to like-new condition. This type of tools is less expensive compared to brand new tools. However, they should work just as well as the brand new ones.

7. Purchase Online But Test The Tools In Stores

When it comes to purchasing tools, you should consider buying online after you have tested the real tools in stores. As a smart shopper, you may want to take a tool for a test drive and make sure that it is what you need. You have to check whether you are comfortable using the tools. Once you have determined which tools fit your needs and preferences, you can check out stores online and purchase one. Purchasing tools online are more convenient.

Photo by Istanbul Tools bazaar

Moreover, you will likely find great deals on the same tools you have found in local stores via the Internet.

8. Make Sure You Read The Fine Print

When purchasing tools online, you should make sure that you have carefully read and understood the tool’s details. There are times that the tools that you find online are cheaper as they are refurbished or they do not come with a charger or battery. In other cases, the tool is actually a different version of the tool that you found in a store. You have to read the details of the tool before making any purchase online.

9. Check Out The Shipping Costs

The delivery rates have the tendency to wipe out the savings that you get when purchasing a tool online. It is important to check the delivery rates, as the shipping options and the delivery location can play an important part in determining the rates. You should also check whether you can get free shipping.

10. Go For Special Deals Online

Not all good deals can be found in local stores. You should consider checking out the retailer’s websites, as they sometimes offer unique deals and promotions, which can help you save more on your purchases.

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