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I’m a mechanical engineer, with 10 years of experience in mechanical design and injection molding design. My customer is Japanese companies, who making injection molding design. And I convert 2D technical drawings from their 3D mold data and supply for manufacturing. I offer a  job for You in

1. I will convert 2D drawings from any of your 3D or 3D Models.

2. I will make 3D models from any sketch or 2D drawing.

The benefit of my service:

  • You have technical drawings exactly and fastly and professionally, even You busy or don’t know the software to make them.
  • I can suggest some solutions from my experient if You need.
  • A small cost for Your big project.
  • Alway working when You need it. You don't need a staff or team offline and headache monthly pay.

Please Contact Us If You want to working direct with Big Project.

Tools You May Need...

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