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DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw Review

dewalt dw745 compact job-site table sawDewalt DW 745 is a table saw primarily used by woodworkers who need to saw through timber for making shelves, shelving materials, cabinets and timber for making doors and sidings. It is a powerful table saw that features a 10 inch, 24 tooth blade which spins at 3850 revolutions per minute. This saw has a 20-inch rip capacity and a rack and pinion fence design that delivers accurate and smooth fence adjustments. It is manufactured by Dewalt Manufacturing company, a toll constructor that is headquartered in Maryland, Baltimore USA.

Its powerful motor can easily cut through hardwood and pressure-treated timber.That aside, it is small and portable, weighing in at only 45 pounds. It does not require much storage space as it is foldable and compact. It can cut as deep as 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees.

Why buy Dewalt DW745 product?

When looking to invest in a table saw, you need one that suits your needs. This particular product has the following qualities that make it popular;

  • It’s light, weighing at only 45 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It’s portable.
  • Has port for collecting dust that makes it easy to clean.

Product Description:

Dewalt dw745This tool comes with a user-friendly manual that explains every step of assembling it. The set-up requires no tools at all and can be done just about anywhere since this saw is portable. It has a 15 amplitude motor as well as a 20-inch rip capacity and a 10-inch blade. These features make for clean and quick cuts on even hardwood and wood that is pressure treated.  Its revolution per minute (rpm) speed is 3850, making for not just clean cuts quick ones as well.

This table saw comes with a 3-year warranty and a year’s guarantee of free service. If unsatisfied with the product or should it be faulty from the manufacturer, a customer is allowed a 90 day return period, with a full refund guaranteed.  Because of its site Pro Modular Guarding system, it’s quite easy to adjust its settings, without the need for tools, to suit your preferences.

Thing we like:

  • Dewalt DW745 is a lightweight, weighing at a mere 45 pounds, thus easily portable.
  • Easy to assemble without the need for special tools.
  • The accuracy of the blade is high, thanks to its size – 10 inches and a speed of 3850 revolutions per minute.
  • It has rack and pinion fence design that delivers accurate and smooth fence adjustments.
  • Its site Pro-Modular Guarding system makes it flexible to adjustments that will suit different types of jobs.
  • It has a port for dust collection, thus making it easy to clean.

Thing we don’t like:

  • The warranty is limited. It might not be very well for buyers outside of North America.
  • No dado cutting support.


This product is manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the market. DEWALT has been in the construction equipment industry for over 80 years. With this kind of exposure and experience, the brand has learned from previous brands and can be trusted to deliver.

This particular tool is very powerful; with the motor strength of 15 amps and the rotation speed of 3850 per minute, it’s able to carry out detailed jobs such as cutting hardwoods, with excellent accuracy. The fact that it can be carried to site is also a selling point.

The Modular Setup that makes it possible to modify the settings to suit different kinds of jobs makes is like buying different types of tools in one. It‘s durable too.

DEWALT DW745 is a good investment whose efficiency far exceeds the cost.


I have owned the Dewalt DW 745 for 3 years now. During this period, I have only experienced two problems, one that was quickly solved. When I first bought the saw, the power switch went out after 5 cuts. I had to transport it several miles to have it replaced, which took a whole week. The second issue that I have with this table saw is that when you use the TS aligner, alignment to the left is not 100% accurate. The one to the right is just about perfect, though. This is a small matter that can be corrected through proper alignment, but it’s still a waste of time having to do it myself. If not aligned properly, it compromises the accuracy of the final product. If you have an affinity for proper woodwork, you can’t have that happening.

That aside, Dewalt DW 745 has been one of the best investment decisions that I made. It comes with a price that fits my budget. It is portable as well and hence easier to haul around. I can carry it to sight and assemble it easily. It barely takes me 10 minutes to set it up. I do not need to have a lot of storage space for it either because it’s foldable and compact. The rack and pinion fence design is the genius. It gives the saw greater levels of accuracy. I don’t think I could use a saw without this design after this. I wish it came with a stand, though.

They give you a 3-year warranty, which is a show of faith in the brand. In the 3 years that I have had mine, I have not had to invoke the warranty.

Overall, it’ a great saw for a good price, depending on the type of work you need it for.

Final Conclusion

DEWALT as a company is responsive. Should a problem be experienced by the user, the company readily replaces the parts that it needs to.

The features of this product that are what anyone looking for an efficient yet budget-friendly table saw would require. The added benefit if three years warranty gives one the confidence that it is a good brand. The portability and power are what make Dewalt DW 745 to me a product that stands out amongst the rest in its level.

An upgrade of the Dewalt DW745 is out and the new model is Dewalt DWE7480XA. It has a 10-inch blade like its predecessor. However, this new model has a 24-inch rip capacity as opposed to 20 inches, 15 amps and an rpm of 4800 as opposed to the older model’s 3850. It also has a rack to hold it up for easy set-up anywhere.

The Basic Knowledge necessary about Table Saws for Beginner

Purchasing a table saw is considered an important investment that a woodworker can make. If you are searching for a table saw, then you should take some time to consider the different options available for you. Read on to know more about the basics of table saws, the types, the factors to consider in making a choice and the top table saws in the market.

Who can benefit from using a table saw?

The professional contractor, woodworkers, furniture makers and even hobbyists can benefit from having a table saw. A table saw is a woodworking tool that consists of a circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor. An electric motor drives the saw.

What are different types of the table saw?

Concerning portability, there are two basic types of the saw. One type is the portable one while the other is the stationary type. Beyond these types, table saws are classified as contractor saws, job site or portable saws, cabinet saws and hybrid saws. If you are looking to buy a new one, the first thing that you need to know is which type would best suit your needs. It is also worth knowing what to expect with the other types so you can choose appropriately.

  • Portable Table Saw

portable table saw

Portable Table saw – Jobsite saw

A portable table saw is designed in a way that it can easy be lifted and moved around, making this type the ideal portion for those carpenters and those who work on the job site. This kind of saw, however, performs the same basic functions as that of a larger type of saw. This type of saw is designed with a lightweight universal motor instead of the large induction motor that you will find in other types of saws. Because of its motor, this tool can be a little short on muscle and may be fairly loud.

Since this type is portable, most models come with an aluminum top instead of a top made of cast iron. While this may not be a problem, this design makes this type of table saw less durable. Also, this will affect product more vibration and may feel less stable during operations. A portable saw may lack the power that you need to rip thick hardwoods. However, this is enough to cut through sheet materials.

  • Contractor Saws

contractor table saw

Contractor table saw

This type of saw was originally designed to be portable. In fact, this can be hauled from one job site to another. This type is characterized by a straightforward design as well as an affordable price range. The contractor saw is lightweight, weighing about 250 pounds to 350 pounds.

Most models of contractor saws come with a solid cast iron table top and a stamped metal on its extension wings. The motor of this type of saw may be removed for easier transport. The motor is attached to the back of the saw, and this is connected to the device’s arbor assembly through the use of a single V belt. This type of saw is ideal for home shops and small carpentry projects.

  • Cabinet Saws

Cabinet saws are the kind of saw that comes with an enclosed cabinet style bottom. This type of table saw is designed to meet the durability and performance needs of a skilled and professional woodworker. When it comes to design, the contractor saw is considered more substantial, as this is built using steel and cast iron. Moreover, this comes with heavier gearing and arbor assemblies as well as a more powerful motor. When operating, this type produces less vibration.

cabinet saw

Cabinet saw

This type of table saw offers several features that one cannot find in other types of table saw. For instance, this comes with a cabinet base which is fully enclosed, making dust collection easier. The motor is attached to the base of the device, making alignment concerns easier.

  • Hybrid Saws

This type of table saw is basically a combination of the features of both the contractor saw and the professional cabinet saw. This is basically a more affordable cabinet saw. This type of saw comes in different designs. In fact, there are some models with the cabinet saw styled bases while others come with enclosed base and legs. In the two styles, the base is enclosed with its motor mounted inside. Such types of saws are designed with more advanced motor and better gearing compared to most contractor saws.

hybrid table saw

Hybrid table saw

The hybrid saw is a scaled down version of a cabinet saw. This is much lighter in weight and sturdier. This is a great option for those who consider themselves serious hobbyists.

What are the Most Popular Brands of Table Saw in the Market?

The top table saw brands in the market include Bosch, DeWALT, SKIL, SawStop, and Shop Fox. These brands have showcased great models of the table saw with exceptional features. Not just that, the different models come with varying strength and performance, allowing you to find the best one that would suit your cutting needs and preferences.

How to compare table saws

When buying a table saw, there are a few things that will really differentiate each product from the other. You should compare the following:

  • Price – what’s your budget? Are you looking for a high end or a low-end table saw?
  • Ease of use – if you’re a beginner woodworker, you might have limited space in your home or garage, so always check how large and portable the table saw is.
  • Cutting and power – compare the power and accuracy of your table saw options, as this will save you time later down the line. What’s the horsepower of the product and how big is the blade?
  • Fence (rip fence) and miter gauge: – This is an important tool and function of the table saw standard. The saw has the good fence and right miter gauge that is the good saw. They bring cutting accuracy for the material of table saw.
  • Dado cutting function: This is an important feature that makes grove on through work-piece long. You must have on your Table saw if you want to make furniture. Some table saw have and some don’t have, because It dependent the arbor of motor length, can install dado cutting blade or not.
  • Safety features – does the table saw have safety features? e.g. kickback prevention or a magnetic safety switch?
  • Tilt preference – although this is a personal choice, if you’re an experienced woodworker you might have a preference. Consider whether you’d like a left or a right tilt.

Choosing the Right Type of Saw for Your Woodworking Needs

The right type of saw for your shop would definitely depend on several factors like the type of woodworking that you cater, the amount of time that you spend working, your workspace, and your budget. If you only spend a few hours a week working in your shop doing small woodworking projects, getting a cabinet saw may be a little more than what you need. However, if you operate a small professional shop, getting a low-end contractor saw may not be your best bet as this can actually slow you down. A hybrid saw offers may be a great option if you consider yourself a serious hobbyist as this is suitable for small scale professional projects.

In addition to the type of saw that you choose, the features of the device are also important. You can find different features from one model to another. Likewise, the price range may also differ depending on the category that the saw belongs and the number of features that it comes.

Finding a good table saw that allows easy adjustments enables you to cut with great accuracy according to the measurements that you require. This is another important feature that you must look for when searching for a table saw. Since there are several options available, you have to be careful with the choice that you make to ensure that your investment is worth your effort and the money you paid.

Adjusting table saw blade on your saw

We are talking about the blade of the table saw, that we focusing at 10-inch saw blade standard with 24 teeth. Because this kind is popular in the market. It’s critical that you align and adjust your table saw blade, not just when you first purchase it but on a regular basis as well. This is because you want to make sure it’s safe, secure and producing good results.

Height of the Blade

Your table saw ought to be around 1/8 inch greater than the width compared to materials you are trimming. In case you put the blade nearer, you operate the unfortunate risk harming as well as sizzling the materials you are trimming, splitting the wood or even shattering the materials.

Adjustment of the Blade Angle.

On the top of the device, there exists a knob that enables you to modify the position of the blade. You can change this particular knob to the remaining for establishing the position of the blade and after that turn to the right to be able to lock this particular into the position.

Adjusting the Blade

You may require adjusting the saw blade to utilize the materials besides wood or even to develop a diverse category of trim. Whenever using some different types of components, you might change out or even adjust the blade many times throughout the task.

The two key factors to check are whether the miter gauge is parallel to the table saw’s blade and whether the rip fence is aligned. You will be able to find guidance from your manufacturer when it comes to the precise measurements required.


DEWALT DWE7480XA 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw Review


6 months ago I was searching for ages trying to find the perfect table saw for my woodworking projects. Woodworking is my passion, and I love crafting at home, using the garage as my workshop when I have the spare time. After trawling through the internet and hours of Googling, I pretty much compared every single product out there. Belief me when I say there are plenty of options to choose from…

In the end and after 4 weeks of research, I chose the DEWALT DWE7480XA. I have to say, and it has not let me down. Reliable, consistent and a great price, I have recommended this table saw to everyone I know interested in woodworking.

First impressions

So it probably took about 10 minutes, maybe slightly more, from unboxing to setting up the table saw. Most of the time I was following the instructions, which are relatively simple when you’ve had to deal with Ikea manuals before!

It was surprisingly straightforward to set up. It’s perfect if you’ve been spending hours researching table saw’s like I had and just wanted to start using it straight away. What I liked was that the saw was still aligned from the package, so it didn’t require any further adjustments.


dw7480x job-site saw

Now, let me tell you about how portable this table saw is. I mentioned earlier that my garage is my woodworking workshop, and so I need a table saw that doesn’t take up too much space.

Working from home is great, but you’re always going to be limited on space. The DEWALT DWE7480XA is perfect for this. At a table size of only 26.5 ” x 25.8 “, it’s small, but you still get a lot of power. In fact, it’s got a spinning speed of 4,800 RPM and a 24 tooth 10-inch blade. That makes it effortless when I’m cutting through thick and tough wood. It may be small but don’t underestimate its power.

It also uses a scissor stand, so you can fold it up quickly without using up too much room and the scissor stand is carried separately from the saw, making it easy to move about when you’re spring cleaning the house. This also means I have room for other tools in the garage, without the table saw getting in the way too much. I can safely fold it up and pack it away if I know I’m going to be taking a break for a while.

Fence system

fence of dw7480x table saw

The Dewalt rack and pinion fence system also make my life a whole lot easier, with 24-1/2 inch of rip easily cuts a variety of larger shelving and trim materials. This has a telescopic rail fence system, so you can be quick and accurate when adjusting it. Before I bought this product, I read and watched a few videos stating how long you can spend making adjustments and fine tuning the alignment of your table saw. That made me worry a little. I barely get enough time to woodwork as it is, without having to tune fine my tools each time I use them…

However, with the DWE7480XA you won’t have to realign it every time you pick it up. You won’t spend hours working out how to adjust it. You’ve simply got a stable, solid fence.


When I’m woodworking from home, I like to keep things tidy. That means dust can be a big issue. Woodworking is a hobby for me, so the last thing I want to be doing is spending half of my spare time cleaning up when I could be crafting my next project.

Luckily, there’s a dust port on the DWE7480XA that hooks up to a 2-1 /2-inch vacuum, so it’s quick and easy to clean up. I was surprised by how little time I spent hoovering up dust. My surfaces are still smooth, 5 months later. This feature has also stopped my wife from complaining that the garage was a mess! I have to say there’s nothing worse than seeing dust all over your tools and garage, so you need a dust port like the DWE7480XA’s if you don’t want sawdust and chips everywhere.

However, I have to say some might get a little annoyed with the dust port. If you don’t have it attached to a hose, it will shoot dust all over your workshop or anyone in the way! It’s easy to make this mistake, especially if you haven’t used a dust collector on a table saw before. Just be mindful of this each time you use it. Otherwise, you’re going to be spending a long time cleaning up.

Guarding system:

safe guard system

The Site-Pro Modular Guarding System allows for tool free adjustments of the guarding components appropriate for each application. The guarding system is supposed to be useful if you’re concerned about safety.

Projects so far

I have to say; I love the DWE7480XA and I’ve had a lot of fun using it. It helped me so many times, and it allows me to be creative on my projects. From crafting a wooden iPad dock to building a birdhouse, in woodworking, you don’t have to be a pro or even that experienced to own one. I spent hours researching table saws, so I’m confident I’ve made the right choice.

For me, this isn’t just a table saw. It’s a way for me to express my creativity. I like the fact that it’s powerful and portable, so I can use it in my small garage while still having enough power and precision to craft accurately.


So now you can see why this table saw is perfect if you’re a woodworking enthusiast. It’s portable. Easy to clean, reasonably priced and incredibly good quality overall. You can buy the DEWALT DWE7480XA here from