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The Best Dovertail Jig For 2017 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews


Recent advances in mechanics and technology have seen the rise of various power tools used for everyday construction tasks. The woodwork and carpentry scene has had its fair share of the game. Dovetail jigs, often referred to as dovetail saws are essential woodworking tools used to join together pieces of wood via the use of dovetail joints. Traditional dovetail saws comprised of thin blades with fine teeth. These were used for high precision and detailed cutting. This article’s main aim is to help you identify the best dovetail jig models available on the market and what to look out for when buying or renting one.

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6 Methods Removing A Broken Bolt – You Need To Know

Bolts and Screws have the tendency to break. If this does happen, you will more likely have a problem if you do not know how to have it removed. Fortunately, there are actually several ways on how to get a bolt or a screw removed. If upon assessment you have determined that the bolt or screw is rusted or glued, you should consider applying penetrating oil or heat. This way, it would be easier to pry the broken bolt out.

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Proper Usage Of Hand Tools Promotes User Safety

Hand tools are considered an extension of our hands. If they are not used properly, there is a tendency that injury will occur, not only to the person using the tool but also to the people around. In addition, incorrect usage of a hand tool can damage the tool resulting in poor performance and failure to deliver the required job. When it comes to hand tool usage, there are guidelines for safe usage that one must take note.

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